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We are delighted to be part of the 'Action for a Positive World' Erasmus+ project that runs from 2016-2019.

The lead school in the project is INSTITUTION ST JOSEPH, LE HAVRE, FRANCE and we have had various exchanges with this school since 2003, tens of staff and over a thousand students have been able visit our colleagues across the channel over the last 15 years.

Our partner schools on this project are:







Summary of activities:

The project encompasses a wide range of activities all linked to making the world a more positive place. Dorothy Stringer is leading on food growing in the school grounds. All our Year 7 students have planted potatoes in our new garden area next to the swimming pool. We have purchased wood and soil with the project money and the students in the Groundforce after school club have built the raised beds. They have developed skills using a saw and drill. Team work made sure that the beds have been filled with soil. The students have learnt how to tend to these plants which were harvested in the summer before the end of the school year.

We are now in the second year of this project. We have more rasied beds and are slowly constructing a polytunnel to allow us to grow a wider range of plants. 

Mr Sandercock then gave a talk to the students at Borgo San Lorenzo, Italy about the project on Mon 15th July as part of the Erasmus+ school leaders summit 2017.


Students building the raised for potatoes First crop of potatoes growing.

 Students building the raised for potatoes.                          First crop of potatoes growing.

Students have developed a range of new skills such as using tools and working together in groups which have been a benefit to them and to the school.

Preloved Shop Preloved shop.jpg

The business club have successfully set up a sustainable business which collects second hand school uniform and sells it raising money for charity. Click here to see more details.

Positive Action Fair

Community groups from across Brighton and Hove took part in the Dorothy Stringer Open House Festival.

Over 600 people visited the Art and Design displays including a range of art made from recycled materials.

The Danahar family sold delicious curry and raised over £105 for MacMillan and also sold Butterfly Posters for Big Nature, Miss Ammour's form sold cakes and books and along with a collection from the drama performance raised over £130 for Mind and The Martlets, Ghana cafe and Beads raised £108 for our link school in Tortibo Village, Thanks to Javier and Lisa along with Miss Lamal and Miss Ackerman. The Tombola and Coconut Shy run by Eco Club students raised £50 towards environmental projects in the school grounds.

The public were encouraged to wander through the school nature reserve to read the poetry hanging from the trees and the Stringer Alumni group also presented a great display into the history of the last 60 years of our school.

We are also delighted that the following Positive Action groups supported our event: Brighton&Hove Speak Out, Global Studies School – Sussex University, Sussex Night Stop, Raleigh International, Brighton and Hove Sparrow Watch, FHBW, Fareshare, Emerson Crafts and Love That Stuff.

4.JPG Dress made and adorned with recycled materials

                    Poetry in the Woods                     Dress made and adorned with recycled materials.    

Groundforce Club

The year we started a new after school club where students can volunteer to help manage the school nature reserve. So far they have coppiced hedges, cleared the pond, planted trees and made woven hedges out of coppiced hazel trees to name a few things.

coppicing in the school woodland.

 Building woven hedges.                  Removal of lilies from the pond.          Coppicing in the school woodland.

Students have developed a range of new skills which have been a benefit to them and to the school grounds. They are now in the process of building a new polytunnel in the garden area to allow us to grow to a wider range of plants.

Normande International Youth Leadership Summit

On board Low Res.jpgIn September 2017 & 2018. We were delighted to be able to take three of our students to Le Havre to be part of this event. You can find out more by going to 

In Sept 2018 the three students attending decided to get to the sustainability conference in a sustainable way by sailing from Brighton to Le Havre 

On their return the students had their own assembly telling the other students about what they had done.

Erasums+ Summit May 2017

Mr Sandercock, Miss Lamal and Mrs Eke went to Borgo San Lorenzo for the first summit of the programme.

Erasmus+ Summit May 2018

Mr Sandercock, Miss Lamal and Mrs Smedly went to Brussels for the second summit of the programme. They were able to report on the second year of progress in the programme. They visited a range of sustainable projects around Brussels and came back inspired to impliment new ideas in the school.


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