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Lateness and Attendance

It is important for students to attend school on time and as often as possible. It has been shown that students' performance in exams and enjoyment of school are both reduced by poor attendance and punctuality. The school will take action if students are not punctual or if they have unauthorised absences.

If for some reason you child is not able to attend school then you should contact the Attendance Office.

  •  To report absence using 'Studybugs' click HERE   
One of the main benefits of Studybugs is that it will automatically update the electronic register so that we will know almost immediately if you have contacted us to let us know that your child is away with an illness or a medical appointment. This information however will not be public knowledge. It will be the same as when you have phoned up and left a message for our Attendance Officer to log an absence. It is simply a much quicker, easier and more efficient way for you to notify the school of absences. You simply download the free Studybugs App and then all you have to do is send us a free text when your child is away.
Please register online via the Studybugs website or download the app now so you have it ready should you need to report your child’s absence. The Studybugs app is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, alternatively you can use the Studybugs web site
Alternatively you can:
Absences may be checked from time to time by the Attendance Office. If your child has an excessive amount of absence your child's Head of Year or the Education Welfare Officer may contact you to discuss ways in which the school can support your child.
If you wish to take your child out of school in exceptional or unavoidable circumstances you should complete a Leave of Absence form. The rules regarding holidays in term time, as laid out by the Government, are very strict and we can only allow leave of absence in the most unusual of circumstances. These are available from the Attendance Office and can also be downloaded above. Once completed, these forms should be returned to the Attendance Office for authorisation. It is not acceptable to do this after the absence. If an emergency requires you to keep a child off of school please contact the Attendance Office immediately.


Students should arrive in their form rooms for Locker Time by 8.45am, there is a warning bell at 8.40am. They should then be in lesson one by 8.50am. If they are later than this they will receive a late mark. Anyone who arrives in school after 8.50am should report to the Attendance Office to sign in. Their name will be passed to the Pastoral Co-ordinator.

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