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​​50 Things To Do In Isolation... 

Keeping Busy On the Inside!

1. Cook a meal from another culture and serve it to your family

2. Write a letter of protest/support to a politician.

3. Read all the novels written by your favourite author.

 4. Keep a Lock-Down diary – this period of time will go down in the history books.

5. Learn to speak a new language – there are online courses or get an audio book.

6. Organise a family Variety Show.  Everyone has to perform!  Sing, dance, act, speak or play an instrument! 

7. Raise £50 for charity, while you’re at home.

8. Find out how you can help your community from home – there are lots of groups starting. 

 9. Visit an online art gallery.

10. Write and post a letter to your hero (using an envelope and a stamp!)

11. Perform random acts of kindness - at least once a week.

12. Play in a competitive online sports tournament.

13. Read another book by Charles Dickens, just the for sake of it!

14. Write and illustrate children’s book.

15. Exercise daily.  Make your own routines and share them with your friends.  

16. Create a work of art in the style of your favourite artist.

17. Invent something useful

18. Grow a vegetable in a plant pot

19. Read a non-fiction book from cover to cover.

20. Mend an item of clothing.

 21. Upcycle something – turn your rubbish into something beautiful or useful

22. For one week, meditate every night before bed.  (Find meditations on YouTube.)

23. Have an online midnight feast with your friends

24. Make someone, who normally looks after you, breakfast in bed 

25. Create your own Teenage Guide to Brighton with your Top 10 places to visit 

26. Write a poem about something that is really important to you.

27. Look after a house plant for a year – keep it alive!

28. Watch a foreign language film with subtitles. 

29. Listen to an audio book

30. Write a letter to The Argus about not sitting your GCSE exams

31. Take total responsibility for a household chore for the duration.

32. Listen to music from a genre that you think you hate!  At least 5 albums!  Do you like it now?!

33. Mend a broken electric item – something battery powered, like a torch or a radio.

34. Explore your house. Identify realistic ways that could help your family save £100 a year.

35. Research and celebrate a festival from a culture different than your own.

36. Identify a job that you might want to do in the future.  Research what qualifications, skills and experience you might need to get this job.

37. Go 24 hours without any screen time!

38. Create a short stop-motion animation with characters made from lego, plasticine or anything!

39. Tidy the kitchen cupboards!

40. Where on Earth would you like to visit? What would you like to do there? How much would it cost?

41. Design a board game. Play it with your family.

42. Keep a one second a diary video diary – there is an ap.

43. If you have one, support your little brother or sister (or a family friend) with their home learning.

44. Take abstract photographs from around you house.  Test your family!

45. Find out what is underneath your bed!

46. Listen to an opera from start to end. Relisten to the best bits.

47. If someone at home is working from home, find out what they are doing. Can you help?

48. Perform a Shakespeare play with your family or friends using a group chat ap – be dramatic!

49. Find out what invertebrates you share your home with!

50. Find a new recipe for a cake that looks delicious.  Cook it!



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