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The Caucasian Chalk Circle - Reviews


Blood runs through the streets and the Governor's severed head is nailed to the gates of the city. A young servant girl must make a choice: save her own skin or sacrifice everything to rescue an abandoned child...

A time of terror, followed by a time of peace. Order has been restored and the Governor's Wife returns to reclaim the son she left behind. Now the choice is the judge's: who is the real mother of the forgotten child?

 CCC9.jpg"Have loved every single Stringer production I've seen. They are just not like school productions or youth theatre group performances, not least because Stringer makes brave choices about the type of play chosen and because the students are encouraged to think about subtext, rather than just 'belting out the hits.' Have to say that CCC is my favourite of all Stringer productions, and the music was amazing!  An ensemble piece, everyone was totally on it throughout; my favourite bits were the two posh ladies looking for a room, the wedding scene, the chit-chat around the bed, the priest and the ad-libbing between the tall lawyer and the birth mother. Took it one step beyond. These actors had the confidence to not just perform their lines, and you could tell that they had really thought about every detail. So good! "    A parent   


 " Just to congratulate you, your team and kids on the production of CCC.

I was really very impressed with the standard of the performance and I would go as far as saying it is one of the best if not the best youth productions I've seen (and I've seen a few).

The scene which particularly gripped was Grusha crossing the bridge - who would have thought some planks held head high and Ellie edging her way across them would be so powerful? Don't drop the baby! But it was.

Jess has had a great time working on it and all that hard work from you all really does show.

Well done. 

Can't wait for Saturday night's performance. "  (Parent)

"I think that this years performance of Caucasian Chalk Circle was amazing. I often forgot that Ellie was acting and I would really connect with her struggles. I also thought that the ensemble looked really focused throughout the whole performance which really helped the audience get the full effect of the play."   (Parent)


  • @DStringerDRAMA Q. When is a school production of Caucasian Chalk Circle not a school production of Caucasian Chalk Circle. A. Tonight

  • Saw an amazing Caucasian Chalk Circle last night performed by yr 10 & 11 @DorothyStringer drama. Bravo!
  • @DStringerDRAMA absolutely blown away by the production and cast of CCC last night, such a beautiful show, you should all be very proud! X
  • @DStringerDRAMA thank you so much for treating us to the most incredible and memorable performance ever last night #CCC huge congrats to all
  • WOW, An amazing end to a even more amazing week, Huge congratulations to the cast of #CCC @DStringerDRAMA


"Can I just say I was absolutely blown away with the play. I took my dad on Saturday and he was more impressed with the production than the Peter James Play he had seen at Theatre Royal that had done the west end.

It was so amazing, I cried and laughed, I was so so impressed, a massive well done to you all."  (Staff)

" Dear Mrs. Ettinger,
Thank you -and all the cast - for putting on such a memorable performance of CCC last night . Seb and I really really ' enjoyed' the whole experience . I was a bit nervous about going as it is such a hard one to do and I thought I might spend the evening biting my tongue . How wrong can you be ! Everything worked really well together  as a whole piece and we've been talking about nothing else since then . Seb loved it and was so excited about going. Thank you !
I look  forward now to the Life of Galileo !!"    (Parent)


" Just to say I was truly blown away by CCC. It's hard to get a handle on quite what all the rehearsals and work will produce until you see it but I thought it was an amazing production. Love the set and that the cast were on stage all the time and the music and the acting was phenomenal - I quite forget these were kids we were watching. 

They are all a huge credit to you and you certainly got the very best out of them and the script! "

"I have had the good fortune to watch my daughter take part in two Stringer Productions of an exceptional standard.  Every member of the cast/crew is inspired to deliver incredible work and in my experience are bereft when the run comes to end. Not only have they felt like professionals, at such a young age, but also they anticipate that they are unlikely to experience such quality and investment from drama teachers again.

Thank you! (a parent)"

My daughter, an ex -Stringer pupil and I came along on Saturday night and we both thought it was excellent. Yet another outstanding  performance from Stringer. The acting was superb and it's hard to know who to single out. I would have to say though Ellie and Harry were brilliant and very convincing.. I was very concerned  about Grusha and Michal crossing  the bridge but they made it..

Also a special mention to the musicians  especially Max Winter. Well done all!


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