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Duke of Edinburgh at Stringer


Over the last three years, approximately 840 students have enrolled onto a DofE Bronze programme at the school.  This includes a dual enrolment year as we have brought the programme back into Year 9 in 2018/19 in line with all the other schools in Brighton and DofE's national strategy.

The three years before this, 590 students enrolled (not including the dual enrolment year) so numbers have increased by about 80 and the programme is as popular as ever.

Whilst enrolment is great in the three years prior to 2016 only 119 completed the programme, compare that to the last three years and this has shot up to 330!!  About 177% increase! This is due to an increased focus on the other sections of the Award other than the expedition and increased training of the staff in the school on the online eDofE system.

Measuring the benefits of personal development programmes isn't easy, statistics do not really work here but for the school to know approximately 170 students every year wish to engage in programme of new activities and volunteer in their community speaks volumes of the aspirations of the students at Stringer and the ethos within the school. For those who succeed in completing all four sections we know from our participant surveys valuable skills such as commitment, resilience, responsibility, organisation and compassion are developed. Qualities which will not only enhance learning and academic achievement but are also important within the fabric of a school community.

Impact of DofE in the local community  

If we look at volunteering, over three years approximately 4,000 hours of volunteering has taken place. By using the minimum wage for under 18's we can put a social value to this of just under £17,000. This is the difference DofE students at Dorothy Stringer are making in their community.

Celebrating Success

As Year 11 come to their final few weeks at school, approximately 100 of these students will be being awarded their DofE Bronze certificate and badge in the forthcoming weeks.

Well done to Team Stringer!

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