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Year 11 Exam Information

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 Upcoming Exams and Assessments

Controlled Assessment


Summer 2019 formal GCSE & other- exam timetable.
January 2019 - Formal external exams for SOME Year 11 students
Extra Year 11 Mock Exams exams Monday 25th February 2019 and Tuesday 26th February 2019.
Year 11 Mock exams timetable for Monday 26th November - Tuesday 4th December 2018.
Individual Statements of Entry for Summer 2019 formal exams
Formal Summer 2019 AS/GCSE date window
New GCSE number grading
Enquiries about results and appeals 2018 fees
IMPORTANT - Exam results - checking your details
Post exam results Access to Scripts CANDIDATE CONSENT FORM 2018
Post results Enquiries about results and appeals CANDIDATE CONSENT FORM 2018
Appeals against Internal Assessment of Exam Work
School comms exam email sent re statements of entry
RESULTS SUMMER 2018- formal exams statement of results - checking of personal details
IMPORTANT - relating to exam document tab - please read
Formal exams: IMPORTANT: Exam equipment
IMPORTANT: Exam equipment (pens etc)
Certificates for College Interviews
TitleSubjectStart DateEnd Date
Photography exam FHYPhotography22/03/201922/03/2019
Photography exam SHVPhotography25/03/201925/03/2019
Photography exam MGRPhotography26/03/201926/03/2019
Photography exam FHYPhotography27/03/201927/03/2019
Photography exam SHVPhotography28/03/201928/03/2019
Photography exam MGRPhotography29/03/201929/03/2019
Art Practical exam FHY/SHV/MGR/FCHArt01/04/201902/04/2019
MFL speaking examsModern Languages24/04/201902/05/2019
Practical exams Music24/04/201929/04/2019
MAIN FORMAL AS/GCSE EXAMS (Year 11 & Year 9 Fast track Languages) 13/05/201919/06/2019
AS RESULTS DAY - results issued to students 15/08/201915/08/2019
GCSE RESULTS DAY - results issued to students 22/08/201922/08/2019

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