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The Wooden Frock - Reviews Page

A fairy-tale, but not as you know it.

A happy royal kingdom thrown into turmoil and grief.

A man and his pigeon. A search for a wife. A quest for a dress. A journey over the ocean.

A love story…or maybe not.

Her name is Mary Woodenfrock and she does what she likes.


A bonkers mix of fairy tale and folklore that really surprised me. 

I thought that the kids delivered the comedy moments really well. Tiger shone as the nurse / nana and the girl who played Bunny had great comedic skill.

The porters were brilliant prior to the start of the performance – constantly in role and they made me laugh a few times with their conversations. One of them cleaned my glasses while I was wearing them – this really made me chuckle!

I loved the staging – you always do this so well. - Claire

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Just to say how much I enjoyed the play, absolutely wonderful! Such talent, great story, beautiful music – I loved every minute and have messaged the whole dept. to urge them to go. - Kate

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Just wanted to say well done. Really enjoyed the performance last night, students were outstanding! - Patrick 

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the play, magical, witty and as usual so beautifully presented. - Ros 


Please pass onto the amazing cast of the wooden frock how absolutely amazing they were. You brought together a stunning performance, really well done. The maturity they showed to stay in character, the understanding and relationships of characters was amazing. I was totally blown away by the creativity and the humour of the play. It was simply stunning. I laughed and cried the whole way through. Please tell them they all shone on stage. My two daughters aged 11 and 8 said at the end, "please, please can we see it again." Brilliant, I absolutely loved it. Thank you so much - Holly

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I loved it Debs.  It was my favourite one so far.  I loved the humour (you probably heard us laughing our heads off in the front row).  The timing and characterisation was so good.  I really didn't want it to end.  I get a little claustrophobic often in the theatre but not at all last night as it was so engaging. The scene in the sea was so beautiful.  I thought everyone was excellent - the standard is so high.  Thank you all. - Paula 

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I came to the show last night with my eldest and we both loved the show and thought it was fabulous! The students were amazing - very inspiring for a 10 year old! I particularly loved the style of it - the natural feel, and the music was just perfect. - Mel

I went along to the performance last night and wanted to send congratulations and thanks to you, all the team and the students - a fantastically professional and enjoyable production.  - Jane 


I liked the play a lot. I really loved the singing. I thought it was amazing and I also really liked the strong women cast. - Pierre

We really enjoyed the play, my 7 year old son was highly engaged, and did not fidget one bit. I thought the acting was fantastic, all students were brilliant - I really enjoyed the gin drinking mother, she was hilarious and played her part fantastically well. The music was really touching too. We really admire how Stringer chooses challenging and fascinating works to stage every year. - Taline 

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Just wanted to say a huge thank you, and well done, for The Wooden Frock production.

I thought all aspects of the show were amazing – acting, choreography, music, costumes...  My family who attended thought it was really great. You cannot produce a play of that quality without huge commitment and effort and so you and your team should be congratulated. Charlie had a marvellous time being involved and it has given him an experience that he will always remember. - Mark


Thank you all so much for such a wonderful show this week. Fabulous as ever and such a treat, as good as many things we've seen on a professional stage. 

The cast worked so well together and were obviously having such fun, and it was so great to see them give it their all and to be so proud of what they achieved as a team. Great skills for life and such a fantastic experience to be part of a successful run, which will stay with them forever. 

We loved the story - quirky and surreal with a little touch of bawdy comedy but some good messages too. What more could you ask! Music and Staging were fantastic too - some really fabulous musicians and singers and great set. 5 star reviews all round from all of us (and our many visitors)!


I just wanted to let you know how impressed we were by The Wooden Frock. It was such a professional production, with fantastic performances, music and sets. Thanks for all your hard work and do pass on a massive 'Well Done' to everyone involved. - Kate Duncan

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The Wooden Frock was absolutely BRILLIANT!

You are a very talented director, and what you got out of the kids was amazing.

I think Loretta has had a really life-changing experience being involved. Thanks for everything. - Rosie 

I wanted to let you know how super impressed I was with the annual school production again!

It was exceptional! Every single cast member did you proud. The casting was 'spot on.' It really was of such a high calibre and very sophisticated for a High School play.

I saw it twice and would love to watch it again…. I feel proud and privileged that Lola is involved in such high quality drama. Many Congratulations and thank you for all the time you dedicate to the play. -Amelia


This was an extraordinary play: a gift on a dull January night. It was understatedly elegant (all internal patterns and colours), laugh out loud funny (amazing, sometimes risky, comedy) and genuinely moving (actual tears from the bad King?!)  I keep thinking about the energy on the stage, how emotions and stories were moving in opposing directions at the same time, and the extraordinary effect that had. And such sharp and consistent acting! There was barely a finger or hair out of place in the whole show. Thanks so very much for all the work and talent and care that this play must have demanded from the amazing staff. A fabulous feminist fairytale. - Nicky 

An amazing performance. Really spectacular, I loved the blue theme running through the play. I'm hoping to be at stringer next year, and this beautiful play makes me want to go there even more. -  Jonah (age 11)


Many congratulations to all the cast and crew for the amazing production of The Wooden Frock, in particular to Ms Ettinger for creating and directing such a stunning show. Funny, sad, thought-provoking, beautiful, uplifting, it had it all!... and to such a flawless standard. I know how much time and commitment went in to creating this show and it really paid off. The drama at Stringer is so professional it doesn't feel like you're watching a school production at all! Really well done to all. - Linda 

I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of praise for The Wooden Frock. It was absolutely marvelous, more captivating and thoughtful than many professional productions. I came dutifully, to support my daughter Nic (who adored helping Front of House!), but left dazzled...

As an American, I always marvel at how Britain punches outsize its weight in the dramatic arts. Having seen the care and skill that go into teaching young creatives at Dorothy Stringer, I'm beginning to see why it does!- Carla

We'd like to say a massive thank you to Paul Winter who photographed the school production.

Paul Winter

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