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Tree Planting


Since 2005 every Year 7 student is given the opportunity to plant a tree. This has seen a significant increase in the amount of woodland around the school.


School Nature Reserve

The woodland that runs along the northern edge of the school grounds and Stringer Way forms the Dorothy Stringer School Nature Reserve. Studies of historical maps show there has been woodland on this site for at least 400 years. Many of the larger trees were lost in the 1987 hurricane. The western section has been left to regrow and is classed at our unmanaged woodland. The 20-25m high canopy blocks most light in summer leaving an open woodland underneath which is used for Forest Schools and the annual Shakespeare in the Woods production. The eastern section of the woodland has been actively managed since 2000. Sycamore has been removed, native wildflower and trees planted, a series of 21 hazel trees are now in a regular coppicing rotation. 



PondPond 1.jpg

In 2004 we created a large pond thanks to the Barclays New Futures Award. This new habitat was populated with native flora from local ponds and now hosts a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is used by both Dorothy Stringer students and visiting primary students as part of the Big Nature programme.

Butterfly Havens

Click on the tab to the left of this text to find out more about the butterfly havens.

Biodiversity Monitoring
As part of the KS3 Science curriculum students record bees, birds, butterflies and pond fauna.



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