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BISS (Brighton International Summer School)


Brighton International Summer School (BISS) is a British Council accredited language school based at and working in partnership with Dorothy Stringer School.
BISS was recently recognised as a ‘Centre of Excellence’, awarded by the EL Gazette, based upon reports from the British Council inspections. It was amongst the top 15 Summer Schools in Britain. ‘In the eyes of the British Council the Summer Schools listed are currently the best in Britain’.
BISS runs an integration programme that operates throughout the academic year, where international school groups, here on short courses, join British students in various classes and activities.
Students come from Japan, China, Thailand, Greece, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Brazil, Czech Republic, Russia, Qatar, Tunisia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and many other countries.
Dorothy Stringer students benefit a great deal from these visits, as does the school both culturally and financially. Students discuss and exchange experiences about aspects of their culture, relevant to the specific subject area such as Art, Food Technology, PE and Ecology.
Dorothy Stringer students benefit greatly from having the opportunity to communicate with native speakers of a similar age in the language they are studying. This has been the case primarily Spanish and occasionally German, helping to make language real for our students. Students will explore topics such as; food, general knowledge, money, the time, sports, colours and songs. The knowledge and insight into the culture of a country is beneficial for both parties.
In the past, Dorothy Students have also learned how to cook Japanese sushi, tried origami, learned about different alphabets from around the world and have worked on projects, comparing cultures and lifestyles.
Dorothy Stringer students are very welcoming and genuinely fascinated to learn about their international friends. They work well together to be focused and engaged in the activities that they are involved in.
The combination of different nationalities, cultures and religions helps to break down any cultural and national stereotypes and barriers.
Some Dorothy Stringer students keep in touch with their new international friends via email and even holidays and visits.

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