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This page is now out of date; we are now working in the Akosombo region of Ghana with the village of Tortibo and our link primary and senior schools – see the link on the left.


Dorothy Stringer is very fortunate to be linked to a Lycee Classique de Kaele, a secondary school in Cameroon. The partnership was established in January 2005 and since then both schools have been working towards actively embedding their link school into their school curriculum.
Cameroon is located on the coast of West Africa, bordering Nigeria, Chad, Congo, Gaba, Equitorial Guinea and Central African Republic. Cameroon is called "Africa in miniature" for its geological and cultural diversity, with natural features including beaches, deserts, mountains, rainforests, and savannahs. Cameroon is home to over 200 different ethnic and linguistic groups and is well known for its native styles of music and for its successful national football team.

Cameroon and Stringer

All subjects have enthusiastically incorporated Cameroon into their lessons, from writing and translating letters into Cameroon's official languages (English and French) to learning about local Cameroonian culture, environment and developmental issues. There has even been a virtual football competition between our two schools.
The link also extends into extra-curricular activities with a weekly Sannuko Club, participating in activities such as raising awareness of our link School, writing pen pal letters to the fellow pupils and making bracelets for girls in Kaele to show solidarity. As well as awareness, Dorothy Stringer has participated in fundraising activities, primarily from the weekly pupil run Cameroon Cafe for staff, providing fair trade refreshments. To date these activities have funded the refurbishment of the Cameroon school library as well as paying the salary of a librarian in Kaele.
In 2012-13 Dorothy Stringer will be supporting a student to train as a teacher in Cameroon. There is a need for qualified teachers in Cameroon, particularly the Extreme-North province. This will allow a female teacher to complete her training year and then will be placed in a school in the area where we have our partnership.
For further information here is a link to the charity supporting education in Cameroon

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