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Computing at Stringer


DEVELOPING CULTURAL CAPITAL Computing, Business and Creative iMedia

An Overview

Within the department we recognise that along with teaching the content of the curriculum, we are tasked with enabling our students to function as well-informed individuals after they leave our school. 

We understand that exposure to culture and situations which students might not have previous experience of, is key to improving individual student's cultural capital.

Computing, technology and business, perhaps more so than any other subjects, demonstrate the value of creating cultural capital. The rising number of technology companies and their growing influence on the world both socially and economically has led to the creation of many technology billionaires.


"The rise of Google, the rise of Facebook, the rise of Apple, I think are proof that there is a place for computer science as something that solves problems that people face every day." Eric Schmidt – CEO Google

However, not all groups in society are able to access technology and as a result the digital divide is prevalent and widening.

There is a worldwide digital skills shortage, so it is vital that our students are equipped with the vocabulary and skills to access and thrive in this new world.

"All of my friends who have younger siblings who are going to college or high school – my number one piece of advice is: You should learn how to program."

Mark Zuckerberg


From the outset we focus on ensuring our students are aware of the ethical, moral and legal issues relating to computer systems, business and digital design. As well as being regularly reminded of the personal safety issues which arise in our interconnected world.

A solid understanding of how technology affects the real world is vital for students to be able to succeed once they leave us.


Specific activities to build cultural capital



Computer Science knowledge and skills enable students to take an active part in the design, development and creation of new technologies to be used in the world in which they live. Students develop problem solving skills

We are introducing Y10 Digital Leaders. The only requirement to be considered for the role is to be passionate about an aspect of the digital world. As a result our Digital Leaders come from a variety of backgrounds. Their role is to inspire KS3 students through sharing their skills and knowledge, as well as promoting e-safety.

Women remain an under-represented group in the digital world and we are re-introducing our Girls into Computing programme to help our female students appreciate that growing number of roles available to them. Our programme includes working with the Women in Technology team at American Express, as well as entering the GCHQ CyberFirst Challenges for Girls.

We are currently investigating the viability of introducing the iDEA Digital Awards for KS3 and the Mozilla Badges for KS4, to enable all our students to have their digital and enterprise skills recognised with an industry award.



From joining Dorothy Stringer in Year 7 all students are encouraged to participate in Business Club. All the entrepreneurial activities undertaken raise money for worthy causes. Students see how business can be a social and moral force for the good of society. Through their actions they develop a strong sense of social responsibility.

Opportunities to engage with outside business and charities continue through to Upper School. Within the curriculum, real world businesses are studied through case studies and debate within the classroom helps build students' confidence to discuss the issues raised.

Students work in teams to enter the Student Investor Challenge, which gives them a valuable insight into how the stock market works and the importance of the The City to the UK and global economy. We invite student teams to participate in the Tenner Challenge, which gives them the opportunity to put business theory into practice. Students have the choice of donating any profits they make to a charity.


Students are encouraged to listen to the weekly Business as Usual Podcast (Insert Link) which helps them understand how world events impact business and how business impacts society and the environment.

We have run educational visits to Alton Towers and Druscila's and, moving forward, we plan to give our students more opportunities to participate in such events.


Creative iMedia

Good quality Digital and IT skills enable students to engage positively within the modern work place.

All students have access to wide range of technology and are able to use software and hardware they may not normally have available at home. 

Students develop project management skills, digital design and IT skills, as well as the ability to work to deadlines. Students will work to different client briefs for different audiences.  These are real life scenarios reflecting the experience they would have in the world of work.

Our students focus on analysing, decomposing, problem solving, designing and testing their multimedia products. 


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