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A group of teenagers do something bad, really bad, then panic and try to cover the whole thing up. But when they find that the cover-up unites them and brings harmony in their once fractious lives, where’s the incentive to put things right?

2 casts performed DNA over four nights to mesmerized audiences. The thought provoking performances captivated the audience of all ages and challenged us to examine the moral and social issues facing teenagers.
"Before the dust settles on what everyone felt was an excellent production over the last few evenings, I just wanted to add my thanks to you and your team. Having a real success comes at a critical time for my son as he is realising what growing up means if he is to respect himself.  
My friend who came with me on the Saturday is passionate ( and very knowledgeable) about theatre said the production met professional standards, and we all were fascinated and completely engaged. That can only happen when the characters and the production are of high quality.
Well done indeed!"

"Just a quick email to say we were blown away by the play - everything from the directing to the acting, staging, lighting, projected videos, and music. Blimey! What a triumph. Such a powerful experience watching it and couldn't believe the standard of performances you coaxed from your young actors.
My daughter went along to support her band mate, but came back giving the play such a 'must see', rave review that it persuaded me to get hold of a last minute ticket for Saturday night - and then she insisted that she had  to come along again too to watch it again. Amazing stuff!! She wasn't wrong.
Having seen DNA, I'm now keeping everything crossed that my son will opt for drama GCSE. (He's very tempted...) What an incredible department you must have there. Huge congrats from all of us and a massive thank you for an unforgettable night!  Lucky Dorothy Stringer to have you guys there."

 "The cast of DNA allowed the audience a glimpse into the social world of these teenagers, uncomfortable and truthful, exposing some of the moral decisions they had to face. The cast were both professional and totally committed to their characters. The production was simple and effective with fantastic music composed by a student to compliment the piece. Well done to all involved."

I was not really looking forward to Friday evening as I had not managed to get to any of the rehearsals as I usually try to do so was expecting the worst.
In the event it was brilliant and seems to get even better as the days pass.
I cannot recall any play that I have seen previously that makes me think so much two or three days later.
I recall many with great pleasure but not in the way I have done this one.
I would be obliged if you would congratulate the actors who conjured up the problems in such a believable fashion which is particularly difficult with such adult situations.
I am certain that both casts were equally good and Debbie and her department are to be congratulated on such expertise in steering these teenagers to such mature performances.
It would of course be interesting to know what affect performing this production meant to the actors and indeed to the staff involved.
Very well done to all concerned.
Reg Hook - Governor
"I came to see DNA last week and have to say… it was so well acted and such a powerful performance… another great production! "
"What a powerful play, acted and wonderfully told by your students. I could not believe the standard everyone achieved; it must have involved months of hard work. I thought Phil was so composed yet melancholy and threatening- a real Godfather! The jamming of the waffle and slamming on the plate was priceless!
 It was wonderful, thank you."

Well done to all of those involved in DNA, a top performance from the whole cast. Congratulations on an outstanding production.
 Student on Twitter
Dennis Kelly’s DNA done proud by Deb Ettinger and Stringer Drama. Outstanding performances. One of the best school productions I’ve ever seen.
Student on Twitter
Thank you Stringer Drama for taking the time and effort to prepare us for performing and making DNA the best experience I’ve had in school.
 Student on Twitter
Massive congratulations. Brilliantly directed and full of extremely talented kids. Really great night of theatre.
"I loved DNA. The performances were brilliant and convincing. It was extremely creative and the characters were portrayed wonderfully. The moral values and beliefs of everyone were put across spectacularly and the mental state of everyone; the psychopath, the thinker, the talker, everyone. Amazing performance. Dark and powerful."
Year 7 Student
I'd like to add my congratulations to you and your cast for the superb performances and production of DNA.  It was brilliant to see the commitment and focus these young actors had on stage and I can honestly say that it easily matched many first year drama school productions I have watched.  Congratulations to you for bringing these performances out of them. Well done to everyone involved.

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