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Duke of Edinburgh: Skills Section


Encouraging the discovery and development of practical and social skills and personal interests.

The Principles

This Section should encourage young people to pursue activities within a wide range of practical, cultural and social environments. The Skills Section offers young people a wide choice depending upon their personal preferences, abilities and the opportunities available. The skill may be an existing interest or something entirely new.


Participants should follow an activity and show progression and sustained interest over a period of time, leading to a deeper knowledge of the subject and the attainment of an increased degree of skill.

The time requirements for this Section are set out in Timescales.

Selecting a Skill

A list of established skills programmes is shown below. The choice should reflect a young person's individual interests, talents and capabilities and build on previous experiences.

Activities appearing in a different Section of the Award should only be pursued under that Section e.g. yoga is regarded as a Physical Recreation option.


The Skills Section provides opportunities to study and develop social and life skills, and explore health-related issues. Activities may be vocational provided they are undertaken in personal, non-directed time.

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