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Duke of Edinburgh: Physical Section



Aim of the Physical Recreation Section: Encourage participation and improvement in physical activity.


The Principles

This Section offers a wide range of programmes in the belief that:

involvement in some form of enjoyable physical activity is essential for physical well-being
a lasting sense of achievement and satisfaction is derived from meeting a physical challenge
sports are enjoyable in themselves and can lead to the establishment of a lasting active lifestyle
young people should have the opportunity to make a choice, then discuss and agree a personal programme of participation and achievement


Assessed participation in an activity and achievement of individual progress.

achievement should be measured by regular participation and improvement in personal performance over the minimum period of months
each participant should discuss and agree their programme with their instructor or assessor, including the content and appropriate goals. A means of measuring performance and/or progress could be the attainment of a national governing body award or standard
participation should be undertaken in accordance with any national governing body safety requirements and, where possible, through clubs or organisations approved by the relevant governing body.                  


The Physical Recreation Section offers young people a wide choice depending upon their personal preferences, abilities and the opportunities available. The young person may already be involved in the activity or the choice could be something entirely new.

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