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​Duke of Edinburgh - Joining the Award


The minimum age to start the three awards is 14 years old, so you need to wait until Year 9. At the start of the Summer Term in Year 9 you will be given an assembly which will tell you what you need to do next.

Your Duke of Edinburgh's Award Coordinator is Bruce Aitken and D of E leaders include Mrs Broadstock, Mr Townsend, Miss Prince, Mr Ibbott, Miss Emerson, Miss Everett, Mr Marchant, Mr Baker, Mr Ellis and Mr Watson.

 Year 9
  • You need to be 14 to start the Bronze Award (You can enrol before your 14th birthday)
  • Listen to D of E assembly
  • Attend registration meeting
  • Independently start Skill/Physical Activity/Volunteering


 Year 10
  • When you are 14 you can start the expedition
  • Attend expedition training sessions
  • Complete practise expedition
  • Complete assessed expedition
 Silver Award 
  • You should be 15 and have completed all sections of the Bronze award before enrolling for the Silver Award
  • If you have not done the Bronze Award speak to Bruce/BSK/TNS
  • It is still possible to do the Silver Award as a direct entrant
  • Completed the Silver expedition? Then you must complete your Volunteering/Skill/Physical Activity
 Gold Award
  • Want to do more? Find out whether you can start your Gold Award at College


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