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Chat Room Use



A chat room is an online service that allows multiple users to communicate with each other about an agreed upon topic in "real time". The potential dangers are:

1. Never give out personal information
2. Never arrange an in-person meeting with someone you've met online
3. Never post pictures of yourself, your family or friends online
4. Never open files sent to you by anyone you have met online
5. Avoid people who ask too many personal questions
6. Treat those you encounter online respectfully
7. Remember that you do not have privacy online
8. Do not respond to e-mail when you do not know the sender
9. Do not respond to rude, threatening or harassing e-mail
10. Do not open e-mail with subjects you think sound inappropriate for your age
11. Trust your instincts! If something does not feel right, do not respond to e-mail, leave the chat room or exit the Website
You should immediately contact either the police or a trusted adult if you are:
Threatened with harm
Aware of any online threat to another
Harassed online because of your race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability
Asked to participated in any kind of sexual activity by someone who knows or should know that you are under eighteen
Threats from use of the internet: Your child may:
encounter someone who targets him/her for victimization
encounter a predator that is searching online for victims
encounter offensive language and adult content
commit a crime, such as transmitting a threat of violence
accidentally or intentionally enter a pornographic site containing adult or child pornography or a site which promotes violence, hatred, bigotry, drug use or other harmful behaviours
be deceived into giving out personal information by falling for a crafty marketing scheme such as an innocuous sounding survey or a contest
be exposed to marketing of drugs and/or alcohol which is geared toward children as there are no restrictions in such advertising methods on the Internet download games which are excessively violent and/or promote hatred
use the Web to commit a crime, such as using information learned from the Web to build illegal incendiary devices
Since anyone may post material on the Web, some sites will promote false or misleading information masquerading as fact


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