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​Butterfly Havens


We are very proud that the Butterfly Haven has been recognised nationally and replicated in numerous other parts of the city. For a full report of the last decade of work published for Butterfly Conservation by Dr Danahar CLICK HERE ->A decade of habitat restoration.pdf

We were very privileged to be asked to present our work at the International Earth Optimism Conference hosted by Cambridge University.  You can see our presentation here: Butterflies as agents of change within a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve - Dorothy Stringer School

Summer 2021 -We are delighted to have recorded the 33rd species seen on site with the arrival of the Brown Hairstreak and eggs laid on the blackthorn so hopefully a new breeding location. Along with one of the largest colonies of Small Blues in Sussex we now host 89% of the known species in Sussex. A real example of how if we give nature space biodiversity can thrive. This picture is of a female Common Blue.
We are delighted to have a new relationship with Sussex Wildlife Trust grazing project where a flock of sheep visit during winter to graze the haven ensuring the grasses do not dominate the site allowing the wildflowers to flourish and subsequently provide food for the butterflies. 
The Friends of the Liz Williams Butterfly Haven (FLWBH) are a group of like minded individuals that manage and monitor the butterflies in the haven. If you are interested in getting involved please contact Mr Sandercock (
If you are a FaceBook member and interested in finding out more about "Butterflies of the Biosphere", check out this video:

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