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School Garden Project


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Crops galore

Rhubarb.jpgThe rhubarb has really taken off this year so much so that the leaves are so big they could be used as umbrellas.

We have also had successful crops of potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and garlic.




fence 4.jpg We are starting to replace the old fence with a woven one made from hazel coppiced in our woodland. This will require ongoing maintenance by the Garden Gang but gives a much more interesting border to our garden. The students have really enjoyed learning this new skill which at times takes strength, agility and determination. 


Before                                                                                      After

Gdn2.jpg Gdn4.jpg Gdn3.jpg





In the Autumn of 2013 a group of students started to clear an unused shrub area in the middle of school.  

Raised Bed Construction Potato Dig.jpg

Using money raised from the Stinger Festival and a grant from Brighton and Hove Food Partnership, we purchased wood for the raised beds and sourced compost from Brighton Community Compost Cooperative.

Our first crop of potatoes in 2014.

Josh hard standing.jpgMud Oven 2.jpg 

Mud Oven

Working with Katie Eberstein from Sussex Wildlife Trust a number of students worked over a full day in July to create a mud oven.

Raspberry Row Raspberry Row.jpg

We have also cleared a large overgrown flower bed which has been planted with apple trees, raspberry canes and strawberries. The idea is that students will be able to enjoy these fruits during breaktime. 


BTS.jpgWoodchip Galore 

We need to give a big and ongoing Thank You to Jeremy at Brighton Tree Specialists who have kept us supplied with wood chip which we have used around the garden area and for pathways in the woodlands.


Stringer Orchard

Supported by Brighton Permaculture Trust we have planted a number of local and rare varieties of apples and pears. These include: Doctor Hogg, Lady Sudley, Golden Bounty, Saltcote Pippin, Crawley Beauty, Crawley Reinette, Nanny, First&Last. Plus Concorde and Beurre Hardy Pears.

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