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​Nature Reserve



The long strip of woodland that runs along the north side of the school beside Stringer Way is our school nature reserve. Having studied maps stretching back into the 18th century it is clear there has been woodland on this site for at least 400 years.

The Eastern part of the woodland has been actively managed by Dorothy Stringer Environmental Partnership since 2000. There are over 20 Hazel 'stools' which have been coppiced in rotation. This is traditional practice of chopping the tree down to the ground every few years and allowing it to grow back. This allows a crop of wood to be harvested every few years and at the same time the woodland floor is opened up to the light and a wide range of other plants flourish. 

Forest School.jpgMany of the large trees were lost in the hurricane of 1987. Since then the Western end of the reserve has been left unmanaged and we now have a tall thick woodland that blocks out significant light in the summer leading to an open understory. This area is used for Forest Schools and the Annual Shakespeare in the Woods production at the Stringer Festival.


More coming soon....

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