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We perform much better than other schools in Brighton and are delighted to have our highest number of students walking to school. 2021 also saw a drop in car journeys compared to the previous year. However, 12.9% equates to 214 students so probably well over 130 car drop offs. We understand there are many reasons why students come by car and for some there is no other choice. We urge parents and students to consider the options and try to find alternatives.

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- Solar Panels

A 4kW system was installed in 2009 as part of the Co-Op Solar Schools programme, this was followed by a 49kW system which was installed in 2012 by British Gas. The two systems are performing very well and now produce about 5% of our annual electricity consumption. We are now planning to install even more on some of the other roofs.

- Switch Off Fortnight

Each year we attempt to reduce the amount of electricity we use by encouraging people to switch electrical items off when they are not needed. The hope is that a focused period on energy use will result in long term habit changing as the best way to save energy is by turning things off. 

- Energy saving cover for swimming pool.

At the very beginning of 2014 we saw the installation of a new energy saving cover for the swimming pool which will reduce the heating bills significantly. This was funded through the SALIX fund and in 2015 we will be able to analyse the bills and see how much we have saved.


Here at Dorothy Stringer we have many recycling projects that need your support. We recycle a number of different things:
Tin Foil: Large green box is in the central foyer - money raised goes to the Hearing Dogs for the Deaf.

Shoes: Big blue container in the central foyer - shoes are used by Variety Club helping communities in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Africa.
Batteries: The red box in the central foyer.
Plastic Milk Bottle Lids: A labelled box in the central foyer, the lids are melted down and made into garden furniture and sold raising money for the Lupus Charity.

Mobile Phones: Box in the School Office money raised goes to different charities.

Pens: We collect any used pens and board markers. They are given to the Green Centre to process and raise money for their projects.

We produce a huge amount of waste paper which mostly gets recycled. Some of the better quality paper that is only printed on one side is saved and turned into note pads by the Eco Club. These are on sale at Reception.
We hope that you are able to support the schemes with have in place and welcome any new ideas you may have.

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