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creativity | resilience | respect


We believe that a school should inspire students to recognise the value of creativity; our students are given opportunities in Art, Dance, Drama and Music. Students are also encouraged to take part in sport, to experience the joys and challenges of competition and teamwork. We aim to help students understand the importance of fitness and healthy lifestyles. Our sporting excellence is recognised nationally and we support many talented students in their sporting aspirations.

We believe that learning should be fun and inspire a lifetime of curiosity and engagement in the subjects they are studying. We want all students to develop a positive attitude to learning and have confidence in developing their talents.

We aim to inspire our students to be independent, curious and resilient. We want our students to try out new things and develop the courage to learn from their mistakes. We aim for our students to be confident, well-rounded and motivated to reach their full potential.

We encourage our students to direct their own learning as well that of others. During their time with us, students learn to take realistic and responsible decisions based on their ability to approach and solve problems effectively. Students can take on leadership positions throughout the school and are able to influence decisions and help drive the push for excellence in all areas.

Our aim at Dorothy Stringer is to provide all our students with an experience of education that gives them the optimism, skills and resilience to face the future with confidence.

creativity | resilience | respect

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