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Creativity | Resilience | Respect


At Dorothy Stringer we encourage our students to have a go at everything, to embrace new challenges and learn from their mistakes. It is important we prepare our students to be adaptable and resilient. Students are challenged to work things out for themselves, to take risks and experience new ideas, concepts and emotions. As a school we do not stand still; we are always striving to do the very best by each student and ensure that they are supported by our outstanding pastoral system so that they are fully prepared for the challenges they come up against over the coming years.

We are proud of the supportive relationships that exist among our students. Senior students mentor and support younger students; they care about one another and take pride in each other's achievements. The school offers leadership opportunities from Year 7 through to Year 11 and our student leadership teams make a real difference to the school and its environment. As a community we are respectful of others. We take personal responsibility for our actions. We want to develop understanding and compassion so our students play their part in helping to create a better world.

As students approach the end of their five years, we support them into the next stages of their education. We have excellent links with all local sixth form providers in the city, as well as further afield. Our alumni are keen to come back and discuss career choices, as well as reminisce about their experiences here at Dorothy Stringer. For many of them, the learning they received here and at college and beyond enabled them to go on and forge successful careers. They recognise the value of 'education for life' and the important role that Stringer played in setting them off on their journey into adulthood. 

creativity | resilience | respect

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