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Dorothy Stringer Governing Body Declarations of Interest Register 2018/19


​Name of Governor


Name of Business/ Organisation​

Nature of Business​

​Nature of Interest

​Mick Baker 05/09/2018 ​Dorothy Stringer School ​School ​Two family members employed at school
​​Mick Baker 05/09/2018 ​Dorothy Stringer School ​​School ​Casual voluntary employment
​​Mick Baker 05/09/2018 ​The Stringer Trust Trust ​Trustee
​​Mick Baker 05/09/2018 ​The Stringer Trust ​Trust ​Wife a trustee
​Richard Bradford 01/10/2018 ​Nil Return  
​Alison Frost 03/09/2018 ​Dorothy Stringer School ​​School ​Parent of child in year 11
​​Alison Frost 03/09/2018 ​Varndeen College ​6th Form College ​Head of School (Maths, Science & IB)
​​Alison Frost 03/09/2018 ​NEU ​Trade Union Member
​Les Gunbie 03/09/2018 ​St Luke's Primary School ​​School ​Employee - Learning Mentor
​​Les Gunbie 03/09/2018 ​GMB ​Union ​Member
​Vanessa Hickey 16/09/2018 ​Downs View Link College ​​School ​Employee - Head of School
​Reg Hook 23/09/2018 ​Dolawen Trust ​Trust ​Trustee
​Reg Hook 23/09/2018 ​Sussex Schools Athletic Association ​Association ​Link Person
​Reg Hook 23/09/2018 ​​Sussex County Athletic Association ​Association ​Link Person
​Jennifer John 07/07/2017 ​Big Nature ​Charity ​Trustee
​Dick Knight 12/09/2016 ​Marketing Consultancy: The Knight Company ​Business ​Owner & Chairman
​​Dick Knight 12/09/2016 ​Martlets Hospice, Hove ​Charity ​Trustee
​​Dick Knight 12/09/2016 ​The Marketing Society ​Professional Body ​Member
​​Dick Knight 12/09/2016 ​Institution of Practitioners in Advertising ​Professional Body ​Member
​​Dick Knight 12/09/2016 ​Brighton & Hove ​City ​Honorary Freeman
​Sue Middleton 03/09/2018 ​Nil Return
​Jenny Poore 18/09/2017 ​Southern Housing Group Housing​ ​Employee- HR Director
​Jenny Poore 18/09/2017 ​Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development ​Professional Body ​Member and Fellow (FCIPD)
​Rosie Reekie 16/04/2018 ​NEU Trade Union​ ​School Representative
​Rosie Reekie 16/04/2018 ​The Connected Hub ​Pupil Referal Unit/ School ​Employee
​Bronagh Shevlin 18/09/2017 ​Nil Return
​Derek Swindells 07/09/2018 ​Nil Return



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