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Lord of the Flies - Reviews Page


A plane crashes on an uninhabited island. The only survivors are a group of school kids. A leader must be chosen before this well behaved group descend into a bloodthirsty and murderous tribe. Lines are drawn and sides chosen; Jack and the Hunters intent on adventure and killing ‘the beast’, and Ralph and the others who crave order and rescue. With the rules of home forgotten and the limitless possibilities of the island, how far are they prepared to go in the search for adventure and the beast?

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  To all the cast, teachers involved and back stage team of Lord of the Flies, Brilliant performance! I went with my daughter and we both really enjoyed it.  The simple but effective stage set and effects meant that the focus was entirely on the actors themselves, which worked as the standard of acting was so good.  The way the story was progressed showing the kids becoming more and more feral was so well done-to the extent that I felt myself getting really caught up in the harrowing story (despite having read the book and seen the film). So well done- all the actors should be really proud of themselves. - Sophie Anderson

Was lovely to be back! Congrats to everyone involved. So much talent as usual! - Kate Booth (Ex-Stringer student)

And @DorothyStringer showing the brilliance and commitment of their Drama Dept. Once again @amoontainview@miss_k_poole proving a school production can be a professional one. So impressed with the kids who totally smashed it in a dress run. Congrats and have a great few nights. - Dan Ryan


Just wanted to say it was fabulous, and really powerful. You must be very proud. – Ros Stephen

Congratulations to all students and staff involved in Lord of the Flies. Owen and I really enjoyed it. Great performances from the students, both individually and working together as a group. Well done! Also liked the way the economy of language/length of both halves. Kept things moving along. Good pace. Never dragged. Likewise the simplicity of the set and the use of space - splendid!! So thanks again to all. It was a pleasure to come and see it. Good luck with tonight's & tomorrow's performances. All the best. - Fiona & Owen X 

I thoroughly enjoyed it, the rawness of the set and the costume.  Great performance especially considering some of the younger cast members.  In the round worked well and the students owned that mountain!  Well done to all involved.

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As always, we leave the annual production slightly dazed, emotionally wrung-out and gobsmacked by the performances of the kids and the high standard of direction! Please pass our thanks and congratulations onto Debbie, how does she keep on doing it? Wonder Woman indeed. -Mr and Mrs Lomax

I wanted to write to you to express formally my deep appreciation of all that was involved in the performance on Saturday. Please pass on to Debbie my very warmest congratulations on her improvements on the script, on the casting and acting, and on the imagination exercised in creating the right atmosphere with such skilful use of lighting. It was a very good example of where less meant more. - Mr M Hickman


I found the staging and choreography of the show absolutely thrilling and hideously balletic in places. All actors on stage were totally committed to their performance. The main characters' performances were all I could hope for as a fan of the book – nuanced and thoughtful within the confines of the adaptation (I accept that it has to be a bit different from the book).  I was especially moved by Ralph's sobbing at the end – the absolute despair he felt was palpable and real at that moment and it was a moment of quiet reflection for the audience – I would have liked that moment to have been longer because we had endured so much horror and I actually needed to process it. I ended up dreaming about the production that night!

My eight year old said "It was the best play he has ever seen" and this is a big compliment because he has seen a lot of professional productions. He is still talking about it several days later. His 'favourite' moment was Piggy's death – he was horrified by it. - Emma Sola

I just wanted to say thanks to you and everyone involved in the play. It was a great thing for Archie to be involved in and we loved the play. It's clear how many hours you all gave to the production and so Andy and I wish you all a very well deserved rest - Gabrielle 

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 Myself and my son came to see Lord of the Flies yesterday.  My son (who is in year seven) said "it was really good, and professional.  It was just really cool"  I thought it was excellent, the acting was brilliant, and due to that I found it harrowing!!  I thought the students stationed to look after the set in the interval and help the audience were very professional too.  The lightning and thunder crash was great, clearly a high standard of work and coordination went on behind the scenes.  Also it provided interesting material for discussion later.

We look forward to the next production; well done all. - Holly Davis



I came to the weds evening performance with my son (year 7 Stringer) and his elder sister.

 We were all blown away by the play which was outstanding in every respect.  The standard was so high it was hard to believe it was a school performance. 

 I have four children (all at different schools, two state and two private) and without question it was the best school play I have ever seen. 

 A huge well done to absolutely everyone involved - and we are all looking forward to seeing more Dorothy Stringer plays in the future!


Firstly I have to say this was incredible, very well done to you and your team. I was so impressed with the way that you did this – so much better than any school play I have ever been in or seen.

The students were amazing – they did so well and the standard was superb. It was such an impressive way to tell this story. It gripped me and I really felt it when the students were 'killed' and the fight scenes were so believable.

I honestly can't convey how impressed I was with this. For my first school play you have made a convert out of me and I am looking forward to the next one.
You can see a lot of time and effort went into this and you should all be very proud of what you all achieved. - Sam DeBanks-Hurst

I thought the production was outstanding, well beyond what you'd expect from a kids' production.  All the main parts were excellent: strong but also quirky and characterful. I thought Simon especially was terrific. But, also, obviously, Jack. And the psycho sidekick who, from memory, is much less developed in the film. 

I thought the direction was also really effective. The whole thing was genuinely chilling.  It had a terrible inevitability which made it hard to watch and must have been genuinely disturbing for people new to the story.  I thought that the killing of Simon was maybe the most powerful scene but the killing of Piggy was also very well conceived. 

Another thing I liked was the development of the Piggy character - different from the film, I think. The actor was able to carry off the boy's contradictions really confidently. And his clear insistence that this is what happens if you don't have rules really echoed through the production.  You got a real sense of what this story is about.  And it wasn't nice.

Best school play I've ever seen!



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 Loved #DSLOTF tonight. Feels weirdly wonderful to be back in my little Drama home. @DStringerDRAMA you're the best, always. Beautiful work xxx


Jasper Watkin‏ @jaspwatkin Feb 3

 @DStringerDRAMA killed it, literally


Polly Rebekah‏ @PollyRebekah Feb 3

@DStringerDRAMA Absolutely AMAZING show, so so much talent


Olly Rodhouse‏ @Olly16Wilson Feb 3

And it's all over... Well done everybody put 100% effort and thanks to all the staff. What an experience KILL THE PIG


Stringer PSHE‏ @StringerPSHE Feb 2

Bravo @DStringerDRAMA what an amazing evening. Immensely proud of all but particularly those in 11BCN. well done to you all. All that hard work truly paid off.


Kate Booth‏ @_KateBooth Feb 1

Was lovely to be back! Congrats to all, so much talent xx


Dan RyanVerified account @_DanielRyan Jan 30

Dan Ryan Retweeted Dorothy Stringer And @DorothyStringer showing the brilliance and commitment of their Drama Dept. Once again @amoontainview @miss_k_poole proving a school production can be a professional one. So impressed with the kids who totally smashed it in a dress run. Congrats and have a great few nights

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