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Settling into a new country – the price children pay

IY8 Citizenship HW.jpg'm a child of the Greek recession, living out my parents' financial stresses. Since 2012, my family was hit hard by the financial crisis.  Both my parents, highly educated, got laid off.  They looked like they lost everything losing their job after so long.  As a result of this, we recently moved to the UK.

Changing country is not a walk in the park. Resettling in a new country is complicated.  We needed to find housing, employment, schools, social connections and services.  Lack of knowledge about how things work in the new environment and communication difficulties makes the challenge of resettlement all the more stressful. We are struggling. It's a big switch from before.  The migration has touched our lives particularly hard.  As a result, we had to make drastic changes to our pre-migration lifestyle: cut back on entertainment, holiday trips and tutoring sessions.

But the greatest damage inflicted by the migration we suffer is not financial, but emotional and psychological. I miss family and friends I have left behind.  I am struggling more with my academics than I should have needed to before.  And, the worst, I had to stop doing martial arts, my very favorite sport.

 Maybe it's better getting a dose of reality. The migration really shook me up.  It has definitely left an indelible mark on me and led me to major perspective shifts including a greater appreciation for what I have.  I am less likely to make material demands on my parents, have a greater appreciation for what I have. I am less likely to make materials demands my parents, have a greater appreciation for what my parents have done and more awareness of hardship. We have a track record of being a strong, united family, and I thank God we are facing this challenge head on.

 Before arriving in the UK, I was worried about Brexit and the xenophobic incidents shown on TV news and wasn't sure what to expect, but I felt incredibly welcome and embraced right away.  Definitely, it would be much, much harder for me without the strong feeling of family within the Dorothy Stringer School – such a welcoming school, amazing people, great classes and with wonderful caring teachers! I have made here some of the best friends that I've got ever. I love going to school which says it all!

 Alexis Klimis

Year 8 Homework – Citizenship Project