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Surfboard Building Enrichment Week Activity 2017


What did we do?

We thought it would be great fun to grab a load of materials, build some innovative surfboards and test them out in the school pool.

We also threw in a trip see a local forest plantation and sawmill.


Who did it?

We wanted a mix of students from different year groups to take the plunge.  So we had a merry band of Year 7, 8 and 9 students who all got stuck in right from the start.


What were the materials?

We wanted our students to understand the importance of creating products that are environmentally responsible.

Most surfboards are made from a composite material of plastics and glass fibre. Ouch! Not the most environmentally friendly materials!

So we decided to make out boards by re-using various timbers and yes, several hundred wine corks. Ha! we know what you're thinking; the corks were all donated by a company called Amorim.


Why a trip to Balcombe Estate?

We really wanted the students to see an example of sustainable forest management in an estate that has mixed broadleaf and conifer woodland.

We use a large amount of timber in the department, so it was really great for our students to see how the trees are harvested whilst retaining some of the mature canopy. They came away understanding the importance of managing the woodland structure to help enhance biodiversity. They also witnessed some AWESOME machinery in use at the sawmill!


Big thanks!

Particular thanks go to the team at the Balcombe estate , who gave up their time and experience to give the students an informative and memorable experience. Thanks also to all the staff who either helped all week or played a cameo appearance, whether it was shaping materials, driving minibuses or generally encouraging students when the going got tough. Without all of your help, the scene of students racing the boards they had made in the pool the fourth day would never have happened!

Balcombe Estate Giant BAnd Saw 1.JPGCork Board build.JPG

Wooden board construction.JPGcompressed.jpg


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