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​TRISTAN & YSEULT - Reviews Page




Dorothy Stringer's production of Tristan & Yseult was a delight to watch.  The cast performed exceptionally and had the audience enthralled from the very beginning.  The way the play has been adapted made me feel like I was almost in it!  The love story is portrayed in a way that is completely suitable for the age of the children involved.  It was lovely to see these young performers acting with so much maturity.  I felt completely immersed throughout, and the clever use of comedy, the choice of music, and the brilliant choreography made the production a gem of a piece. Well done to everyone involved. - Parent
Can we congratulate the Drama Group on a superb performance of Tristan & Yseult on their first night. Ms Ettinger and the whole school can be rightly proud of what the drama students have achieved .Well done! - Parent


My daughter and I came to see Tristan & Yseult last night and thought again what a magnificent production. So many things thought through from the music playing when you entered the school to the subtle tones of clothing of the performers. The performances were so polished and professional, authentic and real but not overdone. Well done the cast and production team. Came away buzzing from the storytelling and the passion and professionalism put in by all the students. We particularly enjoyed Yseult narration and performance when she revealed herself, also the choreography was beautiful between Tristan & Yseult. The movement of the actors around the space was flowing and never clunky. Wonderful tingling sensation of emotion from original Yseult in the final scene. Thanks for a great evening. - Parent
We were most impressed with the performances, not only of the main actors but also of several of the bit parts, especially of the chap with the black-rimmed glasses.  Its invidious to pick people out but I was especially moved by the student who played 'Sir Mark'. His use of the pause - a significant feature of dramatic competence - was masterly. Despite my hearing problems, we were held captive throughout.  A greatly enjoyable evening.  I wish I'd had the chance to congratulate the cast personally.  Of course, they were blessed with a most inspiring and competent producer! - Len and Rita Goldman


Just a quick email to say 'Thank you' for my seat on Saturday. I thought 'Tristan' was outstanding - in so many ways. Debbie is obviously an amazing teacher - even to persuade the pupils that they would like to do it. EVERYTHING was brilliant. Not only the acting  but the choice of music, the little bit of singing plus the guitarist , the 'sound' - and the way the 'pupil audience' responded at the sides as well - and they are the first few things that come to mind as I write this! Full marks, yet again. 'Dorothy Stringer'! What a privilege to have once been part of the team! Thanks again.
I saw the play on Friday and with the songs in my head and a smile on my face! Not only were the leads stunning but I was impressed with how focussed and how much of a unit the cast were. Each actor was so aware of the stage they were on and their attention to every part of the audience was very professional. As for magical moments, the main dance sequence was perfect and I didn't want it to stop! One performance that stood out for me was 'Hedrick' It was lovely to see him so confident on stage! Well done to each and every one of you. I was so mesmerised that I didn't even notice the hard block I was sitting on!! - Teacher
Dear Ms Ettinger and Ms Poole, We just wanted to say a huge thank you and well done to the both of you, as well as all others involved in the fabulous production of Tristan and Yseult. Your level of commitment and sheer hard work was clear for all to see, and it was a fantastic production on so many levels. Our daughter has had the most wonderful and enriching experience, and she has loved every second of it - thank you again. - Parent

Many thanks to you and your team for a great production. I particularly enjoyed the contribution of the 'unloved' who's unity as a group and the sustained quality of their choreographed responses throughout was simply terrific. Well done them, the headliners too of course, and the rest of the 'house' support team who were immaculate. A great evening for all of us - you are going to be a very hard act to follow - Derek Swindells | Chair of Governors

Well done Debs on the show, it was really beautiful and I loved the love potion scene!! - Teacher

I originally wanted to see Tristan and Yseult because I knew some of the actors involved. To be honest I didn't know what to expect when entering the theatre last night, I knew the production had been done a few years ago in the woods but I never saw it; I had heard a version of the story but it was slightly different; I knew there was an opera but I hadn't even heard the music. All I was sure of was that the play would end sadly, I entered the theatre with excitement but also apprehension as to what might happen.
And when the play began I was glad to be surprised, unlike other productions I've seen at the school, I felt that I could have been the only person watching it. The in the round style staging and constant interaction with the audience made an intimate experience, added to by the simplicity of the set (I particularly liked the disco ball and fairy lights!). The visual image was as beautiful as the storyline, and I think is really what made the play. The bold yet simple colour scheme and dance-like physical sequences allowed the story to be told through what was seen more than through what was said, which made it even more emotionally effective. The near constant physical contact between actors made the connections and energy between them stronger as did the way the cast moved the set together manually rather than having it done by unseen stage hands. It meant the energy of the whole piece was felt even more by its audience because the ensemble had so much impact. Each and every love-spotter and character, it seemed, was vital  in giving this effect.
The energy conveyed in theatre is what I believe entices me most as an audience member and makes me feel truly involved. Tristan and Yseult definitely resounded in this energy.
And if that was not enough the careful choice of music added something else to the piece making it rounded and whole.
To sum up the experience this play was is hard, it was dream-like and heart-warming as well as sad, the actor's professionalism made it hard to believe they were my own age or younger and I felt completely whisked away by the storyline. - Year 11 Student



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