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​​Uniform & Equipment 

Uniform Guidelines

Parents and carers are requested to provide the correct clothing as set out in the school Uniform Policy  . The school uniform is summarised below.  Clothes are expensive and parents are asked to make sure that all items are clearly marked.  This makes identification easy when items are lost.

Students should bring an explanatory note from home to explain any emergency uniform situations. The explanatory note should be handed to and kept by either the Form Tutor or the Head of Year/Pastoral Manager. Families who are experiencing financial hardship can contact the Financial Support Officer to request assistance with purchasing uniform: email: .

The main items of the uniform can be purchased from Sussex Uniform however, we have also joined with Smarter Uniforms, an organisation which provides second hand school uniforms to families in Brighton and Hove. 

School Uniform

The following is the list of the school uniform items.  All items of uniform should be clearly labelled with the student's name so they can be returned if found.

Compulsory Clothing

  • White polo shirt with school logo.
  • Black V-neck jumper with school logo, or School sweatshirt with school logo.  Hoodies are not permitted in school with the exception of leavers' hoodies worn by Year 11 students after permission has been given by the headteacher. 
  • Stringer Tartan skirt - skirts should not be tailored above knee length and should not be rolled at the waist.  
  • Black formal school trousers - unisex (no chinos, jeggings, cargo trousers or jeans). Trousers must not be rolled up and any belt on trousers should be plain black with a normal and discreet buckle and essential to the fit of the clothing.  Trousers should be worn correctly and not low-slung.
  • Plain black knee-length tailored shorts  (PE shorts are not permitted except for PE lessons)
  • Plain black/nude coloured tights or plain black or white socks. Students deliberately or frequently wearing laddered tights will be asked to replace them. 
  • Plain black footwear (no logos/motifs or other colours should be visible. Knee length boots, sandals, platforms, high heels or ballet shoes are not permitted).

Sports Kit 

  • Black polo top with school logo
  • Black shorts with school logo (for PE/Drama use only and not for general wear)
  • Fleece lined Midlayer Top
  • Plain black long PE/sports socks
  • Suitable footwear i.e., trainers

Optional Items

  • Tapered Tracksuit Pant with Stringer printed
  • Running Legging with Stringer printed
  • Rain Jacket with school logo
  • Black skort

Hair Style

Hair should be a single natural colour in simple hairstyles.  Students should not have any bright or unnatural coloured hair dye added.   

Jewellery and Make up

The only permitted items of jewellery are:

  • A pair of single, small studs in pierced ears; no hoops or large decorative earrings are permitted. 
  • One small discreet nose stud (not ring). No tragus or cartilage piercings or stretchers. Students will be expected to remove any non-permitted piercings, this applies at all times, including the "healing" period.
  • A wristwatch
  • A single ring
  • One discreet necklace

No other jewellery is permitted

Minimal discreet makeup is permitted.  False eyelashes and false nails (acrylic/gel) are not permitted. 

Outdoor Wear

Students are expected to have a suitable coat to protect against cold and/or wet weather.  Hoodies and other non-uniform tops are not allowed to be brought into school.

Coats and other outdoor wear are not to be worn in classrooms and hats/caps are not permitted to be worn in the school buildings.

In extremely cold weather, students may be given exceptional permission by a teacher to wear a coat in a classroom, but only if it is worn in addition to the regulation jumper/sweatshirt.

Uniform Shop

Uniform is purchased from Sussex Uniforms; please check the PDF below or visit the  Dorothy Stringer page of their website for details: Uniform 2021.doc.pdf 

Equipment List:

  • School bag
  • Pencil case
  • Planner
  • Pens (blue or black and highlighters)
  • Green pen
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Ruler (at least 15cm long)
  • Protractor
  • Pair of compasses
  • Scientific calculator
  • Glue stick
  • Drama shorts/leggings

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