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Year 11 Virtual Work Experience 



Feeling like you are missed out because you didn't have a work experience placement in Year 10?  Feeling like remote experience is not as good as the 'real thing'?  Well, Covid-19 might result in a permanent change to the way many of us work in the future.  This online work experience opportunity might be more relevant to your futures than you think.  

Watch this video to find out more

Planning to get to a face-to-face interview

You've been invited to attend an interview for a work placement with a Digital Transformation Agency located at 45 New Broadway, Worthing BN11 4HS.  You need to get there by 11.30am next Thursday.  You don't drive and no one is available to give you a lift. 

Note: Digital Transformation Agencies help their clients to move faster, think differently and increase the use of their digital products. This is done through creating tools, workshops, events, campaigns and content that get people embracing digital products and skills.

Action: Plan your journey to this interview.  What time will you leave home?  What public transport are you going to use?  What bus or train services will get you to work on time?  Where will you catch and get off the train or bus?  How much walking time do you need to allow between the bus stop or train station in Worthing to make sure you are there 5-10 minute early.  You have the internet at your fingertips to help you plan.   There are others, but these sites might help :

Health & Safety at Work

After the initial introductions, one of the first things that should happen when you start working with a new company is that they introduce you to some of their Health & Safety policies and procedures.  

Watch these two short YouTube video to find out more…

Action:  Reduce the risk to yourself by making simple adjustments to your working area and decide appropriate rest breaks. 


Arriving at your work placement and meeting the team.

Watch this interactive video which simulates what it might be like to meet and work with colleagues at a Digital Transformation Agency. 

Click the blue buttons to select questions to ask.

Click the orange buttons as they appear to learn more about work related skills.

Remote Work Placements


Virtual work experience, also referred to as online, remote or digital, will provide you with the opportunity to gain experience in the workplace, develop your skills, boost your employability and explore new industries and job roles. It's a broad term and can include any opportunity which provides you with an insight into what it's like to work in an industry or job role while at home. Most virtual work experiences range from half a day to one week, but some may last longer depending on the nature of the work.

Not all virtual work experience is the same. Some are open to everyone and provide a platform for students to discover more about a job, view pre-recorded videos on what it's like to work with the organisation, go on virtual tours and possibly take part in some live Q&A sessions. Others may require you to go through an application process and offer regular online meetings with a supervisor, individual project work, networking sessions, training opportunities and video tutorials.

Action:Have a look through this website to find out what virtual work experience placement are available.

Not sure which remote experience to pick?

Action: Take the Buzz Quiz to find out about some of your character traits and have these linked to possible career pathways.

Still not sure?

Action: Browse through this useful careers websites


Still not sure? Why not opt for a community action programme instead?

The National Citizen Service (NCS) is a programme that will help you get back out into the world with your mates, get some new skills, make even more friends AND make a difference by helping to get your communities back on their feet. This year’s NCS summer programme will be either a 2 or 3 week offering, giving you the chance to regain their independence and get out the house.


Action: Sign up here!

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