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Art at Stringer


At Dorothy Stringer we believe Art has an important function in human development and indispensable for the healthy growth of feeling, imagination and intelligence. Every human society has made Art. It is a characteristic of human society as agriculture or writing: in fact it pre-dates them in the time sequence of human inventions. Art is one of those things that distinguishes humans from animals, and as an expression of ideas it is universal.
Art has an important function in human development. Images are powerful agents in the development of the educated mind. Communication through visual means transcends the spoken or written word. The 'language' of visual texts is an essential element of communication. We believe that Art is an agent of learning, understanding and development. Imagery plays a central role in student's ability to develop concepts, values and skills. Learning takes place through evaluation, assessment, critical studies, visual language and design.
Art does not necessarily equate with or reflect beauty. At Dorothy Stringer students are helped to become visually perceptive, and able to make informed judgments about their own work, as well as the work of others. Through visits to museums, galleries and exhibitions, students are helped to understand the role and function of Art in contemporary life. Our pluralistic society is reflected in studies of Art forms created by different cultures at different times, focusing on the significance, function and meaning of humble as well as prestigious artefacts.
The ethos of the Art Department at Dorothy Stringer encourages personal levels of interest, originality, diversity, independence and real effort in its staff as well as its students.

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