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​Bad Weather Arrangements


Check the latest weather forecasts here >>  BBC Weather

Where possible we will always aim to keep the school open, however the decision to close or remain open is often complicated as we have to take in to account so many unknowns, for example; conditions of the local streets and pavements, if the buses have stopped running or the number of staff who are able to get into school.


If overnight snowfalls are so heavy as to seriously disrupt traffic or cause journeys to be dangerous, or we have an unexpected problem with the school's heating or water supply it may be necessary to close the school. 

If a decision is made to close the school please consider the following points:


  • Listen to Heart FM (102.4 - 103.5 FM) who make regular announcements regarding school closures.
  • A list of closed schools will be posted on the Heart FM website
    We will update messages on the school's website and answer phone message
  • A text message will be sent out if we have to close the school 
  • Where possible, we will have a member of staff available to answer your questions on the phone, however please consider this as a last resort as staff may not be able to get in to do so


Developing Bad Weather


  • Normally when bad weather occurs during the day it is our policy to keep students in school until the usual dismissal time, 3.15 pm. However, if the weather deteriorates during the morning it may be advisable to let as many students as possible leave at lunch time, 12.10 pm. Please discuss this arrangement with your child so they are quite clear what to do in these circumstances.
  • Furthermore, if the weather appears to be worsening during the afternoon we may have to make a decision to release students who normally make their own way home before 3.15pm. Arrangements can be made for the school to supervise any children who know they are to be collected at the end of the school day and, if necessary, for a reasonable time afterwards.
  • If, in spite of the above, you are still concerned about safety then, providing you phone the school in advance and actually come and collect your own child we will release them from school for you to take home. It is essential that you first report to reception.
Bad Weather Clothing
You can help us and your child by ensuring that they are dressed appropriately during spells of bad weather. Children should be wearing warm and waterproof coats and sturdy shoes; far too many at the moment are not, and, as a consequence become wet and cold when they could, with reasonable clothing, be warm and dry.

Stringer Learning Gateway
Should it be necessary to close the school for several days we will put work on the school's SLG (Stringer Learning Gateway). All students are able to access the SLG, which can be found via the school website.

Thank you for your understanding

Mr Baker - Deputy Head Teacher


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