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Nutrition and exercise is extremely important for young people and we are working hard to ensure our students are not only educated in these areas but also offered a good balanced diet whilst in our care.

 Below are our main serving areas offering a wide range of healthy choices.
  • Main Event at break-time: a selection of nutritious and filling snacks
  • Main Event at lunch: hot meals, salad, hot drinks and hot puddings
  • The Hatch: Tray bakes, fruit pots, a selection of cold drinks and slushy drinks
  • Pasta Pots : Pasta with a selection of homemade sauces and cheese


We also now have two new exciting PODs serving food and drinks at Break and Lunch times.

The Hot Pod : located under the South Canopies, this will serve a selection of hot food. Students can buy a selection of 'grab & go' item along with the fruit pots, yoghurts, cakes, cookies and hot drinks.

The Cold Pod : located under the North Canopies, next to D-tree, this Pod is in place of the Deli Bar and will serve made-to-order cold baguettes and a selection of cakes, cookies, fruit and drinks at break and lunch time.

We introduced the Pods to reduce queuing for students in the main canteen area.



Canteen Opening Times :

​Breakfast ​8.15 - 8.45
​Mid Morning Break ​10.50 - 11.10
​Lunchtime ​12.10 - 1.15
​After School ​3.15 - 3.35




Canteen Prices 2019.pdf 

Meal Deal: Each outlet offers a Meal Deal:  £2.30 for any main item plus a

dessert item for example:

  • Main Hot dinner plus a desert of your choice OR a bottle of water.
  • Baguette plus a desert of your choice  OR a bottle of water.
  • Large Pasta Pot plus a desert of your choice OR a bottle of water.



We have a cashless system of payment using a combination of a biometrics system and payment cards. The biometrics system is being used increasingly in schools across the country, using a unique digital code generated by a fingerprint which will allow parents to top up from home and students to make swift payment and not worry about carrying or losing cash.
You can credit your child’s account by any of the following means:
1. On line through Schoolcomms; where you can use Instant Bank Transfer, Credit Card or Debit Card. Instructions for this are below. This is by far the easiest and quickest way to pay. The school is already using Schoolcomms as a means for parents to pay for school trips and we will shortly be including other transactions; equipment and uniform. Using Schoolcomms will also enable you to view the purchases your child has made in the canteen. Schoolcomms Web click HERE
Help sheet on how to top up using Schoolcomms : PARENTS GUIDE TO.docx PARENTS GUIDE TO.docx
The Instant Bank Transfer

Instant Bank Transfer is a secure payment method and will not only make paying for school items faster for you, but it will also cut the cost to the school of processing online payments.


When using Instant Bank Transfer for the first time you will be asked to enter your bank account details.

Once set up, on all future occasions, you'll simply need to enter the amount you wish to pay the school and then click to authorise the payment.

You will then receive an email like the one below:

This is an automated email regarding your School Gateway account registered with Dorothy Stringer School.


Thank you for submitting an Instant Bank Transfer payment of £XX.

This payment will be debited from your bank account eg.BARCLAYS BANK PLC  on or shortly after (4 working days from payment. However your child's account will be credited within approx. 1 hour.)

It will appear on your bank statement as School Gateway, ref: DorothyStr.


Please login to the School Gateway Website at where you will be able to view the full details of this transaction in your payment history.

If there is an issue with this payment, please contact Bubbles Robinson 01273852212

 Followed by a second email confirming payment:

Dear XXXX,


This is an automated email regarding your School Gateway account registered with Dorothy Stringer School.

Important: Confirmation of the set up of your Direct Debit to School Gateway.

You can now make payments from your School Gateway account using Instant Bank Transfer. The easy, fast, one-click way to pay your school.

Instant Bank Transfer payments will be debited from your bank account eg. BARCLAYS BANK PLC via Direct Debit, and will appear on your bank statement as School Gateway, ref: DorothyStr.

If there is an issue with this Direct Debit, please contact Dorothy Stringer School, 01273852222.

We would encourage you to use this new option to save yourself time and the school money.

Instant Bank Transfer will also become available in the School Gateway app as part of the next planned app release.

2. By Cheque; Cheques made payable to Dorothy Stringer School may be left in the secure box outside the canteen. This box is emptied twice a day before break and lunchtime. Please make sure you write your child’s name and form group on the back of the cheque. If you have more than one child at the school you need only write one cheque but make it clear how you want the funds distributed.
3. By Validation machine: We are keeping 2 machines that allow pupils to check their balance and top up with cash for both biometric and card accounts. These are both located outside the canteen.
Biometrics Sign Up Letter: Biometrics New parent letter 2014.pdf
We surveyed the students and staff and have over 850 responses from all age groups. This information has been invaluable in helping us to design new menus and address the logistics of the canteen experience. 

‘Stringer Sub’; an overwhelming number of students requested a subway style sandwich which we will be offering form a separate servery. With a range of healthy fillings in a good quality baguette, we are sure this will prove a popular choice!
Pasta Pots- Back due to  popular demand, Pasta Pots will be serving a selection of homemade sauces in two different sized pots.
Vegetarian Choices Many students and staff asked for a wider variety of vegetarian options so we are planning more vegetarian fillings for the Stringer Sub, Pasta Pots and the main hot option of the day.
* The Soup of the day is always Vegan
 Sustainable Fish City -  we are proud to announce that we are part of Brighton & Hove Sustainable Fish City. We only buy sustainable seafood to ensure marine environments, fish stocks and fishing livelihoods are protected. We will only buy MSC ( Marine Stewardship Council ) certified fish.
As an eco-school, we are always looking at ways to improve sustainable means of managing our waste.
If you have any enquiries regarding the canteen menu please contact: 

Dorothy Stringer School, Loder Road, Brighton, BN1 6PZ | Tel: 01273 852222 | Fax: 01273 852310 | Email: