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Dance has become a hugely popular subject and extra curricular subject at school and is taught by Ms Sampson and Miss Fitzgerald.
In Years 7 and 8 students will be involved in dance through their PE lessons. In Year 9 students can opt to take GCSE Dance. This is a 3 year course which incorporates the Dance Leadership Award. During their GCSE the students look at all aspects of dance including performance, choreography and analysis. The Dance Leadership involves learning how to be a Dance Teacher, followed by actual teaching of junior school children.
There are also many Dance Clubs that all ages and genders can be involved in. The timetable on our clubs page will show you what and when it is happening.
Being involved in clubs and GCSE Dance will mean that you can be part of the hugely successful and enjoyable annual Dance Show. This is an annual showcase for all Dance in the school.
We are privileged to be able to teach Dance from our very own custom built Dance Studio. This fabulous space allows students and staff to become immersed in their own world of Dance within a strong professional atmosphere.


Dance Leadership

The Award in Dance Leadership uses dance to help people develop vital skills for life such as planning and organising oneself and others, teamwork, communication and motivation. Candidates must be at least 14 years of age to start the Award but don't need to be dance experts - some get up and go and an interest in helping others are all that is needed. The Award can be a stepping-stone to employment, further education or training. Many candidates who complete the award, go on to support their local community by assisting in out of hours school clubs, local youth clubs, or dance centres. Above all, it's a fun course, open to all, that helps people to grow and develop.


The Award is divided into seven units that cover the fundamental areas of basic dance leadership and are relevant to a wide variety of dance and recreational activities. The Award is designed to give candidates a range of skills that will enable them to deliver the requirement of unit seven, Demonstration of Leadership Skills in Dance. In this unit, candidates for the Award should lead a minimum of one hour of dance activity of which they have been the sole planner and organiser. A qualified dance teacher or youth worker should closely supervise each session. The units of the Award are as follows:

Course Content


Unit 1: Planning, Preparing and Assisting with a Simple Dance Activity
Unit 2: Basic Communication Skills for Leading a Dance Activity
Unit 3: Principles of Health, Fitness and Safe Dance Practice
Unit 4: Understanding the Relationship of Music to Dance
Unit 5: Understanding the Scope of Opportunities in Dance
Unit 6: Creating Developing, and Assisting with a Simple Dance Piece
Unit 7: Demonstration of Leadership Skills in Dance


Supporting the National Curriculum
The Award in Dance Leadership will also assist with the delivery of the Physical Education National Curriculum at Key Stage 4 in particular section 6 'Dance Activities', plus various aspects of Dance GCSE. In addition, the generic leadership skills taught through the Award complement many of the requirements of the Citizenship Agenda:

Developing skills for enquiry and communication
Developing skills for participation and responsible action
Also, Personal Social Health Education delivered within school settings:


Developing confidence and responsibility
Developing a healthier, safer lifestyle
Developing good relationships
Respecting the differences between people


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