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​Butterfly Havens


We are very proud that the Butterfly Haven has been recognised nationally and replicated in numerous other parts of the city. For a full report of the last decade of work published for Butterfly Conservation by Dr Danahar CLICK HERE ->A decade of habitat restoration.pdf

Dr Danahar has started a new FaceBook group page called "Butterflies of the Biosphere", please see the video below:

If you are a FaceBook member and you think you would be interested in following his exploits over the forth coming year, simply request membership of the "Butterflies of the Biosphere" group.


Thursday 6th March 2014 was a wonderfully warm and bright day, even the sheep at the Liz Williams Butterfly Haven agreed (see picture). When the banks in this reserve had been originally created, a lot of flints and other rocky debris had been exposed and this was widely distributed over the entire site. In the past, when our friends from the Murray Downland Trust have come to help remove excessive vegetation growth, these flints and rocks had presented a very real health and safety problem for them, whilst using their equipment.FlintsButHav60314DD.jpg

So yesterday, Paul Gorringe and Huw Morgan arranged for the Sussex Wildlife Trust's Conservation Volunteers to help move all the rocks to just one central location within the reserves, so that a "hibernaculum" could be created for a host of creepy crawlies. We had a fantastic day and it was with a great sense of satisfaction that I was able to thank the participants of this worthy cause. Paul even saw a Small Tortoiseshell on the site, so clearly the butterflies appreciated our efforts. (Dan Danahar) 




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