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​English at Stringer

The English department is vibrant and exciting offering pupils the chance to explore their creativity and develop their critical skills. Pupils are encouraged to write imaginatively in a wide range of styles and for a variety of purposes, to read a wide range of texts and to speak with confidence and assurance in a range of different situations and contexts.

The department's schemes of work are built around the National Curriculum and Key Stage 3 Literacy Strategy in Years 7 to 9 and in Years 10 and 11 pupils follow the AQA GCSE syllabuses for English and English Literature.
Our aims are:
to enable our pupils to function effectively as individuals within an increasingly complex and demanding society through their understanding and use of language
to develop in our pupils an understanding and appreciation of language in its many uses through the examination of a wide range of literary and non-literary materials
to encourage our pupils to use language to develop an understanding of the culture of all members of our multi-cultural society
to enrich the lives of our pupils by introducing to them writers from the past and present whose writing has won general admiration and esteem, and by encouraging them in the development of their own imaginative and thoughtful responses in speech and writing
In Year 7, students are taught in mixed-ability groups. In Years 8-11 pupils are placed in one of three sets according to ability. Students undertake English Language and Literature GCSE courses and decisions are taken about whether to enter them for Higher or Foundation levels during Year 11.

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