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Exams at Stringer



AS/Add Maths 16th & GCSE 23rd AUGUST 2018

Year 11 students and other students (not in Year 11) who sat formal exams in May/June this year will receive (collecting in person or by post) their results on the dates above.

These will be issued as follows:


RESULTS (Information for staff/parent(s)/carer(s)/candidates) 

AS Thursday 16th August 2018

(in atrium area near reception 10.00-11.00a.m)


GCSE Thursday 23rd August 2018

(in atrium area near reception 10.00a.m-12noon)


For reasons of data protection, we CANNOT give your results to a friend to collect on your behalf without permission from you. If you know in advance that you will not be collecting your results in person, a letter written by you, giving permission for a named person to do so on your behalf needs to be brought in by them on the day of the results and given to an appropriate member of staff. A form of ID will need to be provided by the person collecting the results for you.

Any results not collected during the above times, are posted on the same day, to arrive with you the next day.

Year 11 EXAM RESULTS LETTER 2018.doc *



* A copy of the permission forms, associated review of marking fees and candidate consent forms for both the reviews and access to scripts services are available through the links within the exam letters



If on receipt of your results you feel that any of the results are not right, it is possible to ask for a review of the marking.  Please speak with Mrs Norman in the exams office or Mrs Cumming (Deputy Head/Exams Officer), on the day of the results or as soon as possible afterwards.   We can then advise you on whether a review of marking is worth considering.   The exams office will be open weekdays from 10am to noon (not bank holiday) between 24th August and the start of term.


Once you have taken advice from us, to request a review of marking you will need to provide – at the same time:

  • A signed candidate permission form.   Please note that marks can go down, up or stay the same.
  • A cheque, payable to Dorothy Stringer School, for the exam board fee.  Payment is refunded if the review of marking results in an increase in the overall grade.

    NOTE: This post - results service is NOT a remark of the paper. It is 'a post-results review of the marking to ensure the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly' (page 7 JCQ Post - Results Services; Information and guidance to centres for examinations taken in June 2018…')

    A copy of the permission forms, associated review of marking fees and candidate consent forms for both the reviews and access to scripts services are available through the links within the exam letters, on this page. The final date for requesting a review of marking to be made by the school, will be 12th September 2018. Note that exam boards do not deal directly with parents/candidates.


Year 11 Parents' Evening - Preparing Your Child for GCSE's PowerPoint:

Yr 11 Parents Exam Support.pptm 


General Information


Students will sit internal exams in most subjects. These may be supervised classroom tests, or more formal external exams in the hall. The information gained from these assessments is used by staff to provide better education for the students.
Students will be issued with exam entry sheets before all external exams. It is very important that the details are checked carefully. The entry sheets show which paper and which tier a student is entered for as well as the date and time of the exam. Exam information can be found directly from the exam boards, accessible from the link to the left, or by contacting the school. 
For details about forthcoming examinations and controlled assessments please click on the relevant year group on the menu bar to the left. 
Below are several exam documents which we would like to draw your and your son/daughter's attention to for the coming academic year as a reminder of the regulations governing exams. This is especially necessary for the Summer exams, as for most of the students it is the final opportunity for them to sit the GCSE in a subject, and important that they are able to achieve the best they can.
Remember, the exam boards will apply sanctions if the regulations are not abided by. In extreme cases this can involve being disqualified from taking exams in a subject.
Should you have any queries please use the specific exam email link below, or telephone the school on (01273) 852222.
Also available on the SLG and school website is documentation relating to coursework and controlled assessments.

Appeals against Internal Assessment of Exam Work


Contacting the Exams Office by Email

If you have any exam related queries or questions please email the exams office directly on:           

Dorothy Stringer School, Loder Road, Brighton, BN1 6PZ | Tel: 01273 852222 | Fax: 01273 852310 | Email: