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​Film and Media Studies at Stringer

Why do we study the Media?
Media Studies is for everyone who has ever watched an advert and wondered why they feel a compulsion to buy the product. It is for everyone who has ever felt that the newspapers have an agenda. It is for everyone who watched a horror film and can't work out why they need to keep the lights on.
What do we study?
We cover as many different aspects of mass media as we can during the course. That includes: film, television, radio, popular music, newspapers, the internet and advertising. As part of the coursework element, pupils focus on three specific aspects: Popular Music, Film and Advertising, within which we try to understand how media products are produced and why.
Much of the work that pupils do is based on analytical explorations of media texts; trying to unpick the meanings behind them and what they tell the audience. We also look at the ways in which we are represented in the media; the stereotypes that have developed and the positive and negative images that surround us everyday.
What is the ethos of the department?
We believe passionately that the only means by which the media can be used positively is to understand the ways in which it is put together. Whichever aspect we teach, our aim is to get pupils understanding the processes involved; the ways in which they are being represented and the implications for society as a whole. Often, without realising it, young people are much more media savvy than they think; our job is to get them to realise that and be pro-active in the way they consume it.
For detailed information about the course, assessments and any extra-curricular activities please visit the Media section of the Learning Gateway.

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