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​​Form Time Resources


Each week our Activities Co-ordinator, Ms Watts, creates stimulating and informative activities to be used during Form Time to help expand students' social, moral, spiritual and cultural outlook. The resources are intended to promote emotional well-being. Form Time Activities also take into account important current affairs and how they impact upon students' lives and in so doing enabling students to make more informed decisions and to foster an inclusive environment where all opinions are valued.       

Tutor groups will also take part in quizzes and games; working in groups not only facilitates learning but encourages group cohesion.


Week Beginning 27 November | Action Against Violence

This week's Form Resource focused on the '16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence' campaign. The topics were differentiated depending on the year group and tutors facilitated a discussion on sexual harassment with their form groups; an important topic that has had a lot of media attention recently.

The Form Time Resources also cover Anti-Bullying Week and World Kindness Day. Tutees were asked how they could support people who are facing challenges, including bullying by being positive, encouraging and kind.

​​​​​​Week Beginning 20 November | Road Safety

​This weeks form resource is about road safety week and discussing the new rules around cycling to school. There are three different sets of activities.

Year 7/8 are designing a game, Year 9 are looking at scenarios and decision making and Year 10/11 are looking at changing road user behaviour and testing what they already know about roads and driving.

​​​​​​Week Beginning 13 November | Charities

​This week's resource is about Supporting Charities focusing on Children In Need and Care4Calais.

Students were introduced to this year's Children In Need themes with accompanying videos about how the money raised is used and some ideas for fundraising.

The collection for Calais was also introduced to students with  reflection tasks for the students on how their needs may differ from what other Children in the UK or in Calais may have.

​​​​​Week Beginning 6 November | Drop Everything and Read​Next week's form resource is based around DEAR week and why we do DEAR. Students were reminded about and encouraged to dicuss the benefits of regular reading. A different resource was provided for all years- each including a different quiz based game around reading.
​​​​Week Beginning 30 October | Safeguarding​This form time resource focusses on Safeguarding.

Students were reminded of the important information about what Safeguarding is, who the Designated Safeguarding Lead is and information and scenario tasks about bullying and abuse.

​​​Week Beginning 9 October | Stop the Stigma - Mental Health and WellbeingThe message this week was linked to the World Mental Health Day’s theme ‘Stop the Stigma’ "It is hugely important that we stop the stigma around mental health and allow everyone to talk about it and get the support they need'.
​​Week Beginning 2 October  | Stop the Stigma - Dyslexia Awareness Week​During Tutor Time this week students have been involved in activities as part of Dyslexia Awareness Week with the theme 'Stop the Stigma'. Tutees were asked to produce a resource to help raise awareness and understanding.
​Week Beginning 25 September | Gaining Knowledge

​During form time students were preparing for the Annual General Knowledge Quiz which took place on Thursday in the Main Hall.  Students were given tips on how to improve their general knowledge and memory techniques which will also help for revision.

Tutees were also encouraged to 'love your library' and they were given advice on how to access the resources in the school library and were recommended some books to check out, including I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai and we are all made of molecules by Susin Nielsen.

​Week Beginning 18th September 2017 | World Alzheimer’s DayThis resource focuses on World Alzheimer's Day, Students were shown videos and had discussions during form time.
​Week Beginning 11 September | Taking Part ​This resources focuses on students taking part and getting involved at Stringer, year 7's and 8's attended and extra curricular club fair and were showed all the clubs we have on offer and had a chance to sign up to them. KS4 Students
​Week Beginning 4 September | Stringer Values​Students were reminded of the Stringer Values and the Stringer Learning Culture.


Please open the attached document to view last year's form time resources.

2016-2017 Form Time Resources.pdf 

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