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​Latin at Stringer

Latin is not only an academic exercise in its own right, but also:

  • Gives insights into other cultures and the background of our own
  • Throws light on contemporary moral and political issues
  •  Is a sound basis for learning other languages, ancient history, classical civilisation and archaeology
  • Develops vocabulary by exploring the origins of words
  • Is fun and discussions about Harry Potter, football mottos and slogans do occur, along with lots of      discussion about the life of the Romans.

Latin has always been seen as a 'gold standard' subject as far as difficulty is concerned. Indeed, recent research has shown Latin to be the hardest GCSE at which to gain an 'A' grade! It follows that in order to take this course you have to be hard-working and academically able.

            Our pupils take the course over just two years.  They study a double-certificate in 1) Latin Language and Life; and 2)                              Latin Literature, following the WJEC course, supported by the acclaimed Cambridge Latin Course.

Gone are the days of all chanting "amo,amas,amat....."! Pupils study the language, poetry and prose, as well as Roman Life topics which include 'The Baths', 'Theatre and Entertainment', 'Slaves and Freedmen', and 'The Forum'.

Book one of the course is based around life in Pompeii before and at the eruption of Mount Vesuvius - a series of stories about the family of Caecilius the Banker; book two follows Quintus through Alexandria to Britain; and book three follows the Roman army in Britain.

Please contact Mr Shilladay on for more information.

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