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Policies & Procedures

The following are required to hold each of these policies and other documents, and must meet the requirements that apply to their school or trust:

  • school leaders in all schools

  • governing bodies in local-authority-maintained schools

NB: Policies and other documents that Governing Bodies (GB) are required to have by the Department for Education (DfE) 

Accessibility Plan (see SEN Report) Available
Admissions Policy & Procedure 2020 - 2021Available
Anti Bullying Policy Spring 2019 - Spring 2022Available
Appointment Request Form Available
Attendance Policy Autumn 2018 - Autumn 2021Available
Behaviour Management Policy Autumn 2018 - Autumn 2021Available
Career Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Policy Statement 2019/2020Available
Central Record of Recruitment and Vetting ChecksLive Document (Not Published)
Charging and Remissions Policy 2019 - 2022Available
Child Protection & Safeguarding Policies Autumn 2020 - Autumn 2021Available
Complaints Procedure Autumn 2020 - Autumn 2023Available
Data Protection Policy Summer 2018 - 2020Available
DfE Teachers' StandardsAvailable
Dorothy Stringer School - Gender Pay Gap Data Report March 2019Available
E Safety Policy Summer 2019 - Summer 2022Available
Equality Policy Spring 2019 - Spring 2022Available
Exam Policies Autumn 2018 - Autumn 2019Under Review
Freedom of Information Procedure Summer 2018 - 2019Available
GDPR Privacy Notices Summer 2018 - Summer 2020Available
Governors' Allowances (Schemes for Paying)Available on Request
Health & Safety Policy Summer 2020 - 2023Available
Home Learning Policy Autumn 2018 - Autumn 2021Available
Home School Agreement 2020Available
Literacy Policy 2020 - 2023Available
More Able and Talented Policy Summer 2017 - 2020Available
Premises ManagementAvailable on Request
Register of StudentsLive Document (Not Published)
Relationship and Sex Education Policy Spring 2020 - Spring 2023Available
Retention Policy 2018 - 2021Available
Scheme of Delegation Available on Request
School Trips Policy 2019 - 2022 Available
SEN Report 2020 - 2021Available
SEN Report 2020 incl. Equalities InformationAvailable
Special Educational Needs Policy Autumn 2018 - 2021Available
Supporting Students with a Medical Condition 2017 - 2020Available
Whistleblowing Policy 2018 -2021Available

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