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NB: Policies and other documents that Governing Bodies (GB) are required to have by the Department for Education (DfE) statutory_schools_policies_Sept_14_FINAL.pdf
Governing bodies and proprietors of independent schools are required, as outlined below, to hold each of these documents. However, the drafting of school policies can be delegated to any member of school staff. There is no requirement for all policies to be reviewed annually. We have outlined below how often each policy must be reviewed, where this is prescribed in regulations.


Accessibility Plan (part of the Equality Policy)Available
Admissions Policy & Procedure 2016/2017Available
Anti Bullying Policy Autumn 2016 - Autumn 2018Available
Appointment Request Form Available
Appraisal Policy 2015 - 2018Available
Attendance Policy 2015 - 2018Available
Behaviour Management Policy 2015 - 2018Available
Central Record of Recruitment and Vetting ChecksLive Document (Not Published)
Charging and Remissions Policy 2016 - 2019Available
Child Protection & Safeguarding Policies 2017/2018Available
Complaints Policy Summer 2018 - Summer 2021Available
Data Protection Policy Available
DfE Teachers' StandardsAvailable
Disaster Management Procedure as of January 2016Available
Dorothy Stringer School - Gender Pay Gap Data Report March 2018Available
E Safety Policy Autumn 2016 - Summer 2019Available
Equalities Information Report and Accessibility Plan Spring 2018Available
Equality Policy Spring 2016 - Spring 2019Available
Freedom of Information Procedure 2016 - 2018Available
GDPR Privacy Notices Summer 2018 - Summer 2020Available
Governors' Allowances (Schemes for Paying)Available on Request
Green Procurement Policy under reviewAvailable
Health & Safety Policy 2017 - 2020Available
Home Learning Policy Autumn 2018 - Autumn 2018Available
Home School Agreement 2018Available
Information Security Incident Response Policy and Procedures 2015-2017Available
LA Drug and Alcohol Related Incidents Policy & ProcedureAvailable
LA Human Resources Capability Procedure for SchoolsAvailable
LA Human Resources Dignity and Respect at Work PolicyAvailable
LA Human Resources Leave of Absence Policy for Schools 2016Available
LA Human Resources Pay Policy December 2017Available
LA Human Resources Safer Recruitment Toolkit Available
LA Human Resources School Disciplinary Procedures as of Januay 2016Available
LA Human Resources School Grievance Policy 2016Available
LA Human Resources Schools Sick Absence Management Procedure Available
LA Human Resources Wellbeing FrameworkAvailable
Literacy Policy 2016 - 2018Available
More Able and Talented Policy Summer 2017 - 2018Available
Premises ManagementAvailable on Request
Privacy Notices Staff Summer 2018Available
Register of StudentsLive Document (Not Published)
Relationship and Sex Education Policy Autumn 2016 - Autumn 2019Available
Scheme of Delegation Available on Request
School Trips Policy 2016 - 2019Available
Self Injury Policy and Guidance 2014 - 2017Available
SEN Report 2017 - 2018Available
Special Educational Needs Policy 2015 - 2018Available
Supporting Students with a Medical Condition 2017 - 2020Available
Whistleblowing Policy 2014 -2017Available

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