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Student Voice


Student Voice is a nationwide initiative that is being developed at Dorothy Stringer School. The Government is looking to actively engage students in Primary and Secondary schools in policy making processes. They want to encourage a dialogue with young people that will inform educational policy and planning. The Government wants to find effective ways of giving students a voice, and the DfE has started project, called 'Student Voice'.

At Dorothy Stringer School

  • Student Voice has been working with learners and educators to enhance the learning and teaching throughout the school. We contribute towards the induction and training of new teachers, by giving presentations and being available to answer questions that new teachers may have.
  • They offer student opinions on what they think makes a good teacher, an engaging lesson and how
    they like to learn.
  • They offer insights, to teachers at all stages of their careers, on behaviour management, planning
    and marking from a student perspective.
  • The Student Voice team has been trained so that they can effectively observe lessons and feedback
    to teachers, in a positive and constructive way.
  • Student Voice is part of the training school; available to help ITTs (Trainee Teachers), NQTs (Newly
    Qualified Teachers) and EYTs (Early Years Teachers).
  • They also work as a team to discuss educational issues, standards and what constitutes good
    teaching practice.
  • Student Voice evaluate and feedback on school procedures to improve and facilitate new (and older) initiatives within the school.
  • Student Voice can be used to develop learning resources and schemes of work.
Student Voice will be further developed to include good practice and ideas from Dorothy Stringer and other
schools, to continue observing lessons and training new members and increasing the input that it has into our school life as a whole. It is becoming increasingly linked with all aspects of the school and continues to be an exciting, innovative and valuable part of Dorothy Stringer School.

Student Voice Presentations


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