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In choosing to come to Dorothy Stringer, parents and students accept the fact that we believe the wearing of school uniform is important. Parents are, therefore, requested to provide the correct clothing as set out below. Clothes are expensive and parents are asked to make sure that all items are clearly marked. This makes identification easy when items are lost.
Students should bring an explanatory note from home to explain any emergency uniform situations. The explanatory note should be handed in to and kept by either the Form Tutor or the Head of Year.

Uniform Guidelines

We expect all students to be in full school uniform.  The uniform requirements are as follows. Please note that jeans and chinos are not allowed.  We are also attaching some links to websites that show trousers suitable for school.
Uniform Guidelines
 White polo shirt with school logo
 Black V-neck jumper with school logo
 School cardigan with school logo
 School sweatshirt with school logo - Hoodies are not permitted in school with the exception of leavers hoodies worn by year 11 students after the date announced by the head.
 Black tailored, full length trousers or black chinos. (tight fitting trousers, leggings, jeans, combat trousers, trousers with rivets/studs/patch pockets or tracksuit bottoms are not permitted)
 Black pleated school skirt (no shorter than 4 inches above the knee) - must be purchased from the school's uniform shop
 Plain black/nude coloured tights or plain black/white socks
 Plain black knee-length tailored shorts or school PE shorts (these may only be worn during times specified by the school)
 Plain black belts may be worn on the condition that they are thin, subtle and essential to the fit of the clothing - not used as a fashion accessory
 Plain black footwear (no logos/motifs or other colours should be visible. Knee length boots, sandals, platforms, high heels or ballet shoes are not permitted)

• Minimal jewellery. Only 1 necklace, 1 pair of stud earrings and 2 rings may be worn - excessive jewellery is not permitted. Facial piercings are not allowed other than a discreet nose stud for cultural reasons.

• Hair must not be obviously coloured or cut in an extreme manner

 Hats/caps are not permitted to be worn in the school buildings
 Make-up should be subtle and kept to a minimum
PE Kit
  • Black shorts with school logo
  • Black socks with ‘Stringer’ written on
  • Fleece lined Midlayer Top
  • Suitable footwear i.e. trainers 
  • *Optional* Tapered Tracksuit Pant with Stringer printed
  • *Optional* Running Legging with Stringer printed

Religious Observance.

Items of clothing that are worn as part of a students' religious observance are permitted, but we ask that parents and carers try to accommodate the style and ethos of the school.


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